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My Story


In 2016 I decided to create a blog. At the time I had an urge to help women and young girls develop self-love for themselves. Before I knew what self love was, my past relationships always made me question my self-worth. I remember thinking after my last relationship that I was done dating. I was simply going to focus on myself and my two children.

I started attending Carolina Pregnancy Center Mops group. The group focused on parenting children. I signed up for the group because I knew if I wanted to be the best mom, I had to learn how to be a parent.


After going through the program for several months, I found myself volunteering to help pass out materials, set up the class room, help in the store. After volunteering for a while, one day they asked me to speak. I shared a story about  forgiveness and how it was not for others it was for ourselves. Forgiveness is part of healing. I knew that I needed to forgive to heal from my past life experiences.


As I shared my story the room was silent, I could sense the emotions in the women's hearts. They were hurt like me. They wanted to feel like they were enough, and they desired true love. After months of helping out I decided to volunteer in the program.

I remember attending the yearly banquet and they highlighted me as one of the moms who improved the most in the program.


One day I was volunteering and one of the other volunteers for the program asked me "why wasn't the other women in the program making drastic changes in their lives like I was?" I kindly said, "I do not know?" I pondered that as I left and it kept with me for a while until I discovered the answer.

I did something different then what they were teaching in the parenting classes.

I went on a journey of self discovery. The journey of being with oneself. I healed myself and restored balance in my life and was able to find the love of my life.

I had emptied myself from baggage and fell in love with myself.


I did this through taking care of my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.  When I started this blog I shared advice on finding the right soul mate, handling conflict, choosing your tribe, and the list of stories continued. 

Now my stories are geared toward self-healing and self-development.

I knew that if I wanted to be a better parent, it took more than just having parental skills. It took healing myself so that my past wounds would not effect the ones I love. It took me taking care of me so that I will know what true love is and how to give love. It took me taking care of those key areas. My mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being.


It meant me becoming who I wanted the world to see me as. Taking care of those key areas is key to living a balanced life and this blog is my mission to spread awareness with everyone around the world. If we want to improve our lives, we must first improve ourselves.

Certifications and Background 


Shunda Jenkins is a certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Mindset Practitioner and Life Coach. She has a background in health coaching, quality, and teaching. Her prior career was teaching in the training and development department for BMW corporation. She taught the Onboarding classes for new associates, including wellness work conditioning. She also taught classes required for current facility associates of all levels.


She is passionate about helping people create a life with less stress and ease. 

She discovered her passion while volunteering at a MOPS group through a local organization called Carolina Pregnancy Center. She was given the opportunity to teach a class one day and fell in love with teaching self-development.


Each time she taught a class she felt more drawn to the need to help others. After years of volunteering, she started a Blog in 2016 to share her passion for self-development including taking care of the body, mind, and soul. She believes to live a balance life you must be balanced in four key areas, the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Now she is on a mission to help people take control over their lives. She creates courses that are centered around helping people create balance through mindfulness teaching.

Shunda coaching style focuses on helping improve the lives of people daily. She believes in the quote “your words have power use them wisely."


Using her words daily to be the light to spark a change in the lives of others. She believes every person has purpose. Her mission is to help Individuals see their potential, believe in themselves, and be the leaders of their lives, so they will have the confidence, courage, and power to achieve their goals in life.

She uses mindfulness techniques to help her clients invite balance and ease into their life so that they can reduce the stress of living.

Her vision is to remove the Stigma of Generational Patterns, Society Labels, and Break Negative Barriers Preventing People from Showing up in their Authentic Self


Her core values are 

Value Self

Value Community

Value Environment

Value Continuous Improvement


She offers private coaching for clients looking for a custom program to cater to their individual needs. During her private sessions, she teaches her clients how to invite mindfulness into their lives daily.


She works one on one with them to help them uncover what is keeping them from living a balanced life. Focused on 4 key areas for healing, physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental well being. Her clients learn how to create their life’s mission statement, based on their vision, and core values so they will always be operating in harmony with their life’s purpose.

To learn more about her well-being services click the link below.