Judging Others

Updated: Apr 18

Why is society concern about others? People spend too much time judging others.

I read a article about this very same thing. A study was done involving 2000 women aged 18-45 asking them questions about first impressions. A majority of women reached a opinion within seconds by judging their appearance. 8 out of 10 women admitted judging women when they met them for the first time by appearance but only 1 out of 6 claimed they didn't mean to do it, and the 52% of the women said that it took them just 20 seconds to pass judgement on someone.


Insecurity is when we subconsciously think if we can find fault in others then we would feel better about ourselves. Judging others doesn't make us feel any better than we did before we judged them.

You see a person dressed in clothes that are baggy you automatically thick they are a thug, part of a gang or from the ghetto. You never know, they might just like wearing baggy clothes or that might only be the clothes they have in their closet. People who drive expensive cars are wealthy. Not necessary, that just mean they can afford a car payment for that type of vehicle. I hear stuff all the time such as, she think she better than us since she got a good job, a education, or a nice house. Then you have the type of people who judge you from your past. They say, she was a drug addicted, she know she didn't go to rehab, she probably still does drugs; or they went to prison so you know they are not gonna change, she is a teen mom and she will never be successful. Why do we feel like it's our opinion to judge. Judge mentalism is so cruel in our society because everyone does it. They see someone dressed a certain way and automatically they judge them. Sometimes we do it without even knowing it. Sometimes you have to catch yourself before you speak. I have sometimes been guilty of judging people and I have to catch myself and tell myself that I need to get to know this person because your perception of people can be the total opposite of how that person really is. Remember be generous in extending that grace to others and others will be more likely to extend that same generosity to you.

Helpful tips

1. Get to know someone before you make a assumption

2. Love one another no matter how hard it is because God loves our imperfections

3. Say something nice (try complimenting someone if you can or don't say nothing at all)

4. Think before you speak

5. Pray when the urge to judge someone comes to your mind

6. Stay away from judgmental people, avoid subjects that talk about people, or just don't comment

We all have caught ourselves being Judgmental at some point, some more than others but we are not all perfect. Try loving on people before you judge them because they might need love. Let people know that they might have been judge by this person but you are not that person, let them know that you love them, that not everyone is the same and to let them know though you were treated badly by them, don't do the same, pray for them.

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