Feeling Powerless

Updated: Apr 18

Sometimes we as women allow things to be done to us multiply times leaving us stuck, relentless, and powerless. How come we allow ourselves to become so powerless? I remember asking myself this same question because I once thought the things that happen to me in life were so bad that I would not be able to move on. I always envy my mom qualities. My mom is a very powerful woman. My mom has been through a lot but you would never know because she doesn't wear her hurt on her sleeve. I use to wonder how she did it. I'm the youngest of seven and it seem like my mom had infinite amounts of energy. She always had a drive that I long to have when I grew up.

She always had a smile on her face and it was rare to see her mad and all that seem normal to me. I often struggle with trying to smile when times are worst and my children have seen me upset at times. I never allowed them to see me cry because though I felt powerless at times, I thought crying over something was a sign of weakness.

I use to always cry by myself but never would allow myself to let people see my hurt. I was just trying to be this tough woman and exhibit the qualities of a strong woman but I didn't realize what it truly meant to be strong. Being strong is crying when you been hurt and able to pick yourself back up and start again. Being strong is asking for help when you can't get through things on your own. No one ever learns without learning from their mistakes, failures, etc. Its ok to feel down but it is not ok to stay down. There are going to be times in life that we all might feel powerless but you are only powerless when you decide to not get back up again.


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