How to move on?

Breakups are hard, without even knowing it, we bring things from old relationships to our new relationships. After my abusive relationship, I decided that I could never trust a man anymore. I was disgusted with men, and I didn't believe anything they said. When I went on dates, if they would say something that was inappropriate, I would continue with the date, but after I got home I would let them know over the phone, I couldn't talk to them anymore. I was super cautious, which was good and bad. I would not give any man a chance. I was loving my two boys, and no one else mattered. Until I met the one. I met my husband at work. I thought he was the nicest looking man I ever seen. I never been so interested in someone like I was in him. I knew that I didn't want to let anyone in. I was afraid of getting hurt again. I remember having conversations with him about everything. Talking to him came easily, and not only is he cute, he is intelligent, he spoke with a sort of eloquence that made me intrigued, and wanting to hear more. He was always respectable, not like any man from my past. One day he invited me out to a restaurant, he wanted me to go to this place months before but I never would go, something told me to finally give him a chance. So I met him at a Japanese restaurant downtown. I never tried sushi and I told him I would try it. When I thought about trying sushi, I thought it would be nasty, but it was actually good. After dinner it was raining, so we sat under a covered area outside the restaurant, talking until it got too cold, then we sat in my car, and talked for hours, it was after 4 am before we parted ways. He was the sweetest most respectful man, and I thought to myself, where is the catch? I felt like no man can not be trusted, at least that was all I was use to.

How do you move on from a breakup?

-First, before dating someone, make sure you are fully over your ex.

-Second, give the man a chance, don't bring issues from your old relationships to your new one because that's just setting yourself up for failure.

-Third, not all men are alike, so don't put them all in the same category.

-Fourth, respect yourself, write down descriptions of the type of men you don't need in your life, and avoid them.

-Lastly, if it's a hard breakup, seek friends, family, or a counselor that you can trust to talk to about the breakup.

Breakups are hard, but sometimes we go through things in life that either teaches us, or grow us, into the person we were made to be. You never know, your story may help someone else. If you need a friend. Please feel free to email me with questions or advice. I will do my best to help and provide you with the best answer. Stay tune for how to forgive. Be Beautiful xoxo.

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