What is Freedom?

Today is the Fourth of July, celebrated by many in the US for a day of freedom. As I think about the word freedom I began to think about the things I set free from my life. Holding on to things from my past was hard to let go but when I was able to release the hurt, pain, and suffering that I endured from pass relationships, and disappointments from people I love, it allowed me to be free. I was a slave to my past hurt, but the best feeling is releasing it, and letting it go. I believe we as people put so much trust in humans, not knowing that they will let us down. If humans are involved, then there is a potential for failure because no one is perfect. I make mistakes, pastors make mistakes, parents make mistakes, and the list goes on.

People like it when they are able to criticize others for their faults, but are never willing to understand their own imperfections. You have to have compassion for one another, and be understanding because we all have been there before. When I changed my mindset, I was able to understand that people are not perfect, they are going to let us down. I know my children are going to make mistakes, and my husband, and so on, but I understand that they are not perfect, and they understand that I'm not. I have hurt, disappointed, and let people down, but God has forgiven me because He gives grace freely. I had to realize if God forgives me, and He is perfect, what makes me better than Him? I'm no better than Him, so why can't I forgive.

My soul felt convicted. God gives His grace freely to me, so I can give the same grace to others. Understanding this made me want to be a better person, a forgiving person. So if you are holding on to things from your past, things that you did, or what someone did to you. Please release it, and give it all to God, our past can keep us in bondage, and it can eat at our soul. You will never be truly happy holding on to the chains of your past. No one can change the past, but you can change the future, choose to be free. True freedom doesn't have chains. So as I celebrate the Fourth of July, I understand the true meaning of freedom. God Bless

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