Self Worth is the sense of one's own value or worth as a person. As I think about self-worth I reflect on how do I value my worth. I didn't always value myself as I do today. From my previous post about insecurities, that contributed to how I valued myself in the past. Having a high sense of self-worth for yourself will help you achieve anything in life. If I knew a longtime ago how valuable I was as a girl or woman then I would have been a different person then I am today. I dated men in my past that I settled for, even though they were not good for me. Some had red flags going off, and I ignored them because I didn't think I was good enough for anyone else. I always been a person able to see the beauty in someone else, but I never been able to see the beauty in myself. Being a perfectionist also has a lot to do with it. I beat myself up about everything. In elementary I was good in all subjects, but once I went from fourth grade to fifth grade and the work of course got harder, but I expected to make all A's, and when I made a low grade, I would beat myself up about it.

I would feel so down about it. I would lose my motivation and that pretty much how my life after graduating from high school went. I had my first child at eighteen and I felt so ashamed because I had a plan in mind, and having a baby became this big obstacle. I was disappointed in myself. I asked myself, how did I allow myself to get pregnant, and to the wrong man, not married, this was not my plan. The man I was dating was not a good man, he was a player, and he didn't feel the same about me, as I felt about him, there was no future for us, and now I was stuck with soon to be raising my new born baby alone.

If I would had had a higher value on my worth, then I would have been able to know that I deserve someone who would appreciate me and my body, but I didn't value myself. I thought that if I gave myself to this man, then I would feel valuable, but instead I felt rejected, and unappreciated. The only good thing from that relationship was my son. He is so wonderful, loving, and respectable. Sometimes I appreciate that I wasn't always perfect, but learning from your mistakes will always be ongoing in life.

How do you build you self worth?

-First you need to start by loving yourself . How can you expect someone to respect you if you don't have respect for yourself? You will be able to distinguish between what is good for you, and what is not, and that includes friendships, and relationships.

-Stop comparing yourself to other people. There is always going to be someone prettier, smarter, more successful, but there is only one you, so choose to be original.

-Don't worry about what people think or say about you, your opinion about yourself only matters.

-Be confident in yourself.

-Surround yourself with positive people, and subscribe to positive sites or organizations

-Forgive yourself! Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves, that we believe when we fail, we are not capable of doing better.

- No matter what you try to change on the outside to your body, such as plastic surgery, the clothing you wear, or the makeup you apply to your face, if you don't value yourself, you will never be happy on the inside. Treat yourself out to dinner. Spoil yourself because knowing how to treat yourself will help you understand how you should be treated.

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