What inspires me?

When I think about what inspires me, helping people come to my mind. I have always wanted to help people. As a child, I remember praying for the whole world. I would pray for my family and friends, then I would ask God to protect the whole world. I didn't like when people were killed or treated badly. As an adult, I understand that things happened and people are going to pass away, but I love people. I often wish that I could do more for my community. What saddens me the most about people, is when I see someone in a difficult situation, I wonder why no one helped them. I used to volunteer my time with a program called Mom to Mom. The program is one of the many programs at the Carolina Pregnancy Center in Spartanburg, SC. Mom to Mom is a parenting program design to equip mothers with helpful advice, when parenting their children.

The women who attend the program earn an incentive for each class meeting that has a cash value, which can be used in the Carolina Pregnancy Store. The store has items for women and children. I remember when I was introduced to the program, my boys were one and three years old and I was single, raising them on my own. The program was helpful and I learned a lot and it really inspired me to want to do something to help women. I started volunteering, I made friends, and I felt like my whole life had change. That feeling I felt, was the same feeling I wanted to give to someone else. I started wondering who life could I change? When you feel like you can be yourself in a judge free environment, surrounded by women that were just like you, normal. I no longer volunteer because my schedule has gotten crazy but I keep in touch with the women. Volunteering benefitted me, I had a relationship with the women and their children.

So, to answer the question, what inspires me? Helping women and young girls inspires me. When I was in the Mom to Mom group, I saw women, vulnerable, searching for help, in difficult situations, bad relationships, and I knew I needed to do something about it. I wanted to do more than parenting, I wanted to help them better their selves. Sometimes if we don't take care of ourselves we can’t take care of anyone else. I wanted to stop the generational cycle. If were not careful we can keep repeating cycles, that we didn't intend to. If I could help them, it would benefit their children. I knew that I wanted to help them because I had been there, I was like them, and I had survived.

When I was going through a difficult time in my life, I had to get stronger, and better myself, for my children. I remember thinking that I would never find a man that wasn't a cheater. I felt like there were no good men in the world. I gave up on a lot of things before, but I never gave up on my faith. I decided to start a blog April 2017 that focused on women and young girls. I wanted to write a book originally but after consulting with my sister I decided to start a blog. I have had my site for about three months and I’m enjoying writing. I look forward to spreading encouraging words to women and young girls. Women and girls, we are alike, we fall, we fail, but we rise.

Putting other women down is like telling the world you are more worried about your “competition” then your progress. – unknown

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