Make time for yourself

Making time for yourself is important, as a mother, and a wife, I often need a break to clear my head. I don’t make good decisions when I’m overloaded with day to day duties. Some people need breaks to themselves, some don’t, but I need a break, every now and then. I have been this way since I was a child. If I was upset, or had a lot on my mind, I would often go to my room, and lay down, sometimes sleep, but I spent time in silence. I enjoy my me time because when I set time away for myself, I’m able to go about my day in a positive way. The time you set aside for yourself doesn’t have to be days, or hours, it can be minutes. My husband and children, know that sometimes I get overwhelm with life, and I need a break to get my thoughts together. I remember in the beginning of my relationship with my husband, he didn’t understand how I needed a break from them, so I had to explain to him, my break from him in the children was not because I wanted to upset them, I needed a break, so I wouldn’t upset them. When I don’t have my time to myself, I get cranky, irritated easily, and I can’t focus.

When I get my me time, I feel like I been to a spa, rejuvenated, like a new person. When I have my me time, I take a drive, workout, sometimes I close my room door, and listen to music. My me time doesn’t require me to spend money, I just enjoy taking a break, to not worry about anything. Spending time with myself helps relieve stress, and I have time to gather my thoughts, and start over. Sometimes we as people need time to ourselves because we are so busy working, taking care of our families, and talking to our friends, that we forget to make sure we are okay. I know that life gets busy, and that’s always going to be an excuse, for everybody, but making time for ourselves is beneficial to our happiness. I use my me time at work, when I’m not busy, I go sit at my desk, and relax, read a book, or write out my grocery list, since I don’t have a lot of time to read, this is the perfect place for me. Taking time for yourself is not being selfish, once you start making time for yourself, your whole wellbeing will improve.

“There is never time, but you have to always find time for yourself; to do the things that you love most. Don't compromise your happiness for little things. You have to create time to be happy at least half of the day.”

-Terry Mark Quotes

Benefits of ME time:

· It improves your overall wellbeing. When you can get away and recharge, it helps with stress, anxiety, and insomnia. When life gets busy, our minds are constantly racing, wondering what’s for dinner, what’s due this week, and the list goes on. When you give yourself a break, your brain can relax, which helps relax your body. When our body is under tension, it’s not good for our heart, or our nervous system.

· It improves our memory. When you are busy like me, you tend to make a lot of list. I make a lot of list, and I have a lot of alarms. When I find myself forgetting things over and over, I make time to recharge. My brain is constantly going, and if I don’t relax, my body doesn’t relax, and all my thoughts running through my brain, doesn’t always stick because new task are constantly being put in, and my brain filters out the least important.

· It improves your focus. When you’re able to set time to relax, and recharge, you’re able to focus because your mind isn’t worrying about the day to day duties of life.

· It helps you make better decisions. When I take time to myself, I have a clear head, and I can think better, which improves my decision-making process, which helps me with making better decisions. When I have a lot on my mind, I tend to make quick decisions, which may cause me to lose money, and a lot of other things. If you don’t take time for yourself, it can be detrimental to your life. Take time out of your month, week, or even your day to kick your feet up, relax, and forget about your troubles.

“So don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today's trouble is enough for today.” Matthew 6:34

“You have to calendar time for yourself even if you have no idea what you're going to do with it.”

-Susie Bright Quotes

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