Appreciate the small things

I’ve been sick for a week now, my allergies are severe, when the season changes. I went from having a stuffy nose, sneezing, to partially losing my voice. The first day I lost my voice, my professor gave us an oral assignment, how ironic. I thought to myself about, how crazy would I sound when it was my turn to speak? I got anxiety thinking about it. I wondered if they will be able to understand me, will my voice be loud enough, or will I lose it, trying to speak? I didn’t think speech was important, until I had trouble speaking. It was finally my turn, and I did my best, my professor told me that since I was losing my voice I didn’t have to participate, but I agreed to proceed. Sometimes in life we forget to appreciate the small things. Our eyes are important for seeing. Our legs are important for walking.

Our ears are important for hearing. Our whole body serves for a purpose. If you lose operation of any parts of your body, it will be difficult to complete tasks. People are born without sight, and will never be able to experience looking at the beautiful things of the world. A person without hearing, will never know the sound of music, or bed time stories, and their favorite television show. Our body has all these capabilities, and sometimes we as people, don’t value the small things. I have always been a healthy person, and I didn’t think to appreciate my sight, speech, or limbs. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in material things, that we forget to cherish the things that are more valuable than money. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a nice house, or car, or a great job, and being successful. That stuff will always be attainable, but sometimes we forget about what we already have.

There are so many people living life with disabilities, and they still manage to appreciate the small things. When I was losing my voice, I felt like I lost a part of me. I was unable to make important phone calls because no one could understand me, it was irritating, and I was ready for it to come back. I didn’t appreciate my voice, until I wasn’t able to talk. We must learn to appreciate what we have, before we won’t have it no more. I appreciate the small thing, and the big things too, but without the small thing, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish the big things in life. So today, start appreciating the small things. The things we take for granted.

Appreciate your legs because there are some who can’t walk. Appreciate your ears because there are some who are deaf. Appreciate your voice because there are some who can’t talk. Appreciate your job because there are some who are poor. Appreciate your home because there are some who are homeless. Don’t get so wrapped up in having materialistic things that you forget how blessed you are. Live your life appreciating everything you have, with a grateful heart, and loving spirit.

“Learn to appreciate what you have, before time makes you appreciate what you had”-Unknown

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