How to Create the Life you will Love?

This year I received plenty of gifts for my birthday. I’m a simple person, it doesn’t take a lot of money to keep me satisfied. I value time more than anything because time is more valuable than money. The best gift I received for my birthday was a notebook, and on the cover read “create a life you love.” A lot of us don’t realize that we can create the life we want. Children might not have a lot of control over their lives, but as an adult, you can choose what type of life you want. When I say this, don’t get it confused with wishing on stars, or rainbows, or winning the lottery. Hard work, determination, and being resilient are the tools to staying afloat. I grew up in a single parent household, with six other siblings. I didn’t get everything I wanted, but what I did receive, I made the most of it. I watched my mom work hard, raising me, and my siblings, and I knew I wanted to be tough, like her. No matter what life threw at my mom, she made the most of what she had. She didn’t break down, she was always happy, and I wanted to be the same, smiling through any storm that came my way. I’ve been through a lot in my twenty-nine years on earth, and I’m determined to keep going. My life is my life. I create my life through the choices I make daily. Every human being is equipped with the ability of knowing what is right, or wrong, rather they choose to use it, or not, it’s up to them. I can choose to make good choices, I can choose to make bad choices, and I must deal with the consequences. When I realized that the choices I made in life dictated how my life went, I got better at making decisions. The simple phrase, think before you speak, or do, goes a long way in life. If you think before you make decisions, you’re less likely to make a bad decision. Making a lot of impulse decisions can be detrimental because you don’t give your brain time to weigh the pros, or cons. There is going to be times when making a quick decision is necessary, but when it comes to making life changing decisions, it takes time to think things through. The life I choose to create for myself includes being happy, and positive, while making good financial, health, career, and parenting decisions. The mistakes I made in life are lessons to help me get through life. Once you learn to take control of your life, you’ll wonder why it took so long? I love the life that I created. I’m happy. I have a great husband, and children, and I love my job. I used to look at what I didn’t have in life, then I realized, I already had everything that I needed. Don’t let your circumstances dictate the life you want to create.

Tips on How to Create the Life you will Love!

· Whatever you enjoy, or love, do it now! Sometimes we make excuses for why we haven’t started doing the things we love, maybe it’s time, or money. Stop making excuses. Start doing what you enjoy now. I’m not saying quit your job. I’m saying make time for what you love. I know it takes money to do things but you can start small and eventually with hard work and consistency you will be where you want to be in your life. I wanted to start a non-profit for women, and young girls. I kept telling myself, once I finished school, and had enough money, I would start my non-profit. I wanted to start a non-profit for over four years now and I kept saying one day. This year I decided I was going to work towards my dreams and stop making excuses. I know what I want and I know what I need to do to get me there but if I never start somewhere then I will be still saying I want to start a non-profit. I created my blog this year to help women and young girls. I don’t have my non-profit yet but this is a step toward where I want to go growing my audience, helping people, through my words, from my experiences in life.

· Live every day with a fresh slat. Stop beating yourself up about yesterday, and start living today. The decisions we made in the past, cannot be erased, so use your mistakes as lessons for your future self. Living in the past won’t help you get through life, so start your day fresh, by forgiving yourself.

· Love where you are in life. I remember where I was last year, and it’s amazing how far I came. I know that I still have a long way to go, but I’m loving where I am right not. Sometimes we get so anxious about the future, that we forget to savor where we are right not. When we’re so anxious about the future, we miss the enjoyment of the present. Remember today, no one dictates how your life should go, only you can control how you react, through the choices you make. We are not in control of our circumstances, but we are still in control of our lives.

“Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning…Anyone can start over and make a new ending”-Chico Xavier

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