What type of energy are you putting in the atmosphere?

Is the energy you putting in the atmosphere negative, or positive? When I asked myself this question, I immediately knew the answer. The type of energy that I put in the air, is positivity. I never knew who lives I would impact, starting my blog, but since I’ve started my blog, people often stop me, and let me know, how my words have changed their lives. I started my blog to help people, but I also started it, to help myself. When I write positive words, and stories, it helps me get through the day. I remember when I use to allow social media to affect my energy, but the positive energy that I possess, is so powerful, no one can pull me down. When I post positive stuff on social media, positive energy always comes back to me. Since I’ve started marketing my blog on social media, the people who were posting a lot of negative stuff, are doing the opposite. When you possess positive energy, you have control over your reaction to negativity. When you release something, you will receive the same in return, that’s the law of attraction. I distanced myself from negative energy, as much as possible, and I stay away from conflict. I want my body to be healthy, inside, and out, from my brain, to my heart, to my nervous system, and to my stomach. When we release junk, we receive junk. I tell people all the time, you can’t eat a lot of junk food, and expect to be healthy. We as humans are responsible for the energy we create. Whatever energy we create is what we attract. If we create negative energy, then we attract negative energy. If we create positive energy, then we will attract positive energy. Living a positive life style can be hard sometimes, I must constantly remind myself, I’m in control of the energy that I allow to influence my life. Being positive is all about having self-control, knowing when to react, and letting go of people who are causing a strain on our energy. Once you learn how to control your body, you will learn that some things don’t deserve a reaction. The people that are draining you, you’ll no longer allow them to. Learning self-control is hard, I still struggle with it sometimes, but I rather be in control of my body, then allow other people opinions, belief, and negativity, to affect the way I live my life. When people see me, they see my smile, and they enjoy my positive energy, though I might not be in a good mood, internally, I make my body in the mood to smile, once you do this, your body naturally releases the tension from what was bothering you in the first place. I know its tricking your body, but it works. That’s why we are in control of our bodies, not our bodies in control of us. Every day I send my children off to school, I remind them to be positive, and don’t let negative energy get to them. Its easier said then done, but if we start our day off saying that very same thing, it will impact the way our day will go. Nobody like bad days, they’re going to happen, but the bad days, and make something good out of it. Positivity is better than negativity, which one will you choose? Choose positivity, you never know who life you could change.

“I believe that positive energy and optimism help us to take up any challenge in life and to succeed in even the most difficult tasks. I also believe that positive energy is contagious: we can transmit it to others.”

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