You are a Fighter!

I’ve been tough my whole life. I believe I was born to be a fighter. I don't remember crying much as a child, unless something really hurt me, or made me mad. I guess I was just built that way. Growing up, the youngest of seven, I wanted to be tough, I always felt like since I was the youngest, I had to make sure my siblings thought, I was as tough as them. I wanted to do everything they did, I didn’t want to be looked at as the little sister. I used to play in dirt with no shoes, get my hair dirty, ride bikes, play football, I was a tough child. Life was equipping me at a young age, to handle the things in my future. Life isn't easy, but no matter what I’ve been through, I still get up, and keep fighting. I had a child at the age of 18, I was in a abusive relationship, walking was my transportation. These things never defined me, I could have gave in, and became a statistic, or prove to the world that no matter what life threw at me, I could overcome. Someone asked me, how I do it? I told them, it’s not how, but why I do it? I keep going because I want to be a good example to my children, I keep going because I have goals I want to accomplish, I keep going because I’m not a quitter, I keep going because I am a fighter, only the weak give in, not the strong. No matter how hard it gets for me each day, I keep reminding myself of my goals, then I pick myself up, and keep going. As you go about your day, remember you are fighter! Whatever you think you can’t face, whatever affecting you, causing you to lose hope, remember, you can overcome anything. The battles you’re facing now, will only make you stronger. Just keep going! Face your battles head on, and you will have victory. Only the weak give up, you are stronger than you think you are! Push through. The true champions, don’t give in, you’re not finish yet. Look in the mirror, tell yourself, you are stronger, you are braver, you are unstoppable, you are fierce!

“She was a true fighter, you could see it in her eyes. She was not born strong. She was sculpted to be her own hero, when the world let her down, she kept picking herself back up”


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