Stop Caring About What Others Think

I like working out and staying fit. I been physically active since I was a child. The gym is a stress reliever to me. When I’m in a bad mood, I can release all my anger through my workouts. I do cardio and I mix it with weight training. I’m not a huge cardio fan but I know that cardio is good for burning calories. There’s all types of cardio equipment in the gym. I mixing up my routines in the gym but I don’t attempt to do anything that makes me look silly. The elliptical and the stair master are the two equipments I choose to stay away from. I’m afraid if I get on the elliptical or the stair master that everyone would be looking at me. I know it’s a mental thing but it just feels that way.

One day I decided to try the stair master, and I set the timer for thirty minutes. As I walked on the machine I increased my levels as the time went by. I was so focused on mastering the machine that I was able to tune out everything else. I felt like I was in the gym by myself, jamming to my music, while I conquered my fear of the stair master. When I finished, I felt great. I didn’t realize that my fear of everyone watching me was only a conflict within myself. That’s how life is sometimes. Sometimes we are so afraid to do things because we are so concerned with how we will look, what people would think, or say. We all want to feel accepted and though it was only a exercise, we often worry about what people might say about the decision we make. When I worry about what people thinks it makes me feel afraid to do what makes me smile.

I love working out and I know that I’m in the gym to conquer my fitness goals. When I’m in the gym, it’s not about the people around me, it’s all about me and the equipment I’m on. I’m there to push my self to be greater, rather it’s increasing my reps, or increasing my time in cardio. I’m in the gym to complete my goals and if I worry about how silly I look doing exercises then I would not progress in my fitness journey. So whatever you enjoy, do it, don’t worry about if you look silly, or if people are going to judge you. Stop worrying about the response of people from the decisions you make because other people opinions can block you from accomplishing your dreams.

“You will be free the moment you stop worrying about what people think about you”


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