Use Your Time Wisely

I had a busy weekend. Friday I spent all of my time getting party supplies and picking up items for my husband surprise party. I woke up at 6am on Friday after getting off of work at 1am. I was exhausted but I knew that I had a lot of task to complete. I started early to leave no room for error. Once I finish getting the party together it was time for the guest to arrive. I had such a fun time but I was so exhausted. The next day my husband and I had a romantic dinner for his birthday. Since I spent Friday and Saturday celebrating my husband birthday, I didn’t get any school work done. I knew that I was going to be busy on Friday and Saturday so, I got as much school work as I could get done during the week.

Now it’s Sunday and I’m still busy, I have exercised, completed homework for a online class, made note cards, helped with dinner. When I’m awake I’m constantly doing something with my time. This might seem exhausting for some but I don’t like being behind on my responsibilities. When I worked out earlier I studied for my marketing class in between my sets. I decided a long time of go that I wasn’t going to use time as an excuse anymore. We all have 24hours in a day to do whatever we choose to do with it. I use to make excuses saying I don’t have time, but then I realized I wasn’t using my time wisely. Last year I didn’t devote myself to the gym full time, I would go twice a week sometimes three times, sometimes one time, or not at all. I had fitness goals and my excuses were that I didn’t have time to go.

So, I decided when my fall semester ended last year to sit down and see where I can find time to go to the gym. I wasn’t going to see results if I didn’t remain consistent. I sat down, got out a piece of paper, my school schedule for the next semester, and my work calendar, and looked at the times I spent in school and work. I wrote on the paper the days that I could commit to including the times that I will go to the gym. I realized I had two hours to spear on the days I had school, and on the days I didn’t have school I had infinite amount of time for the gym. At that moment I decided I wasn’t going to make excuses. I now workout five to six days a week consistently.

I believe that if we decide to commit ourselves to something then time would never be a factor. We all make time for things we enjoy and we tend to put our goals to the side. We cannot accomplish our goals when we continue to make excuses on why we can’t achieve them. It’s easier to put the goals to the side but when we do this it pushes us farther and farther away from accomplishing them. Sacrificing is only temporary. Once you accomplish your goals in life and you reach a level of self-actualization then you will be satisfied with your achievements. Until you reach this achievement you have to use your time to focus on what you want in life.

If you want a house but you don’t have good credit history then while you’re not busy, do research on how you can repair it. If you’re in college and you’re struggling in a class, look for a tutor and make time to meet with your teacher so you can pass your class. If you want to complete a 5k run then make time to practice. Using my time wisely has allowed me to always be prepared for anything that might interfere with my week. So as you go about your day remember I don’t have time is only an excuse. If we really want to do something we know how to make a way. Life is busy but If we evaluate our schedule, factoring in work, or school, and whatever task we might have to complete. You’ll find that you have more time then you thought you had.

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.”

~ Charles Buxton

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