The Mission

As I reflect on my life I think about how far I still have to go before I can fully devote myself to my passion. I know that I’m not where I want to be and it takes time to get to where you want to in life but it gets hard waiting sometimes. Since I like to stay organized, this past Valentine Day my husband bought me a planner. What I liked most about my planner wasn’t what it was used for but was the words that were written on the front and the words written throughout. This planner wasn’t a typical planner that I’m use to. Inside the planner were places for me to write down my monthly goals and the goals I had for the year. There were also positive quotes written on the pages of each new month.

As I thought about this gift I realized that my husband knew me well. He knew I was drawn to things that stood out. I do this a lot when I purchase things. I have so many notebooks that have inspiring words on them with colors that stand out because sometimes looking at these notebooks give me a positive spirit to make it through my day. My husband understands this about me and thats what makes my gift so special. The words written on the planner were “Bloom Where You Are Planted.” These words resonated inside of me because I been feeling so down because I know that my purpose isn’t to be working in a manufacturing company. I needed to hear this because I have to bloom where ever I am planted. I know that my job isn’t something that I longed for or dream to be doing but I know that I’m there for a reason.

I know that it’s only temporary and I don’t have to make it my end job. I have been planted there and as I am planted I have to figure out what my purpose is while I am there. Some of the things my co workers like about me is that I am a genuinely a friendly person. I listen to people and I give them advice when they have a problem. I try to keep a positive attitude and smile even when I don’t feel like smiling. I have often been told by some of my co workers that my smile is what keeps them going. As I think about why I’m there I now realize that I have been doing what I was meant to be doing in the first place. I know that my job right now isn’t the career I want to have but I have created the environment that I want to have in my career beyond it. I do this by being there for people, through listening, being positive, and smiling.

I know that the environment doesn’t represent the one I have in my head but I know that while I’m there I can create the type of environment that I want to be in. Bloom means to grow, or flourish with youth and vigor, to shine and glow. I have to grow and shine in a atmosphere where positivity doesn’t come easily and while I’m working there I can change the way I see it. I can look at it as a mission that is still being completed and once I am done I can get to my new mission. In life we are planted in places and sometimes at the moment we don’t know why we are there but we have to be strong because life doesn’t put us in places where we can not be used. You can be used in any place that you are planted you just have to figure out your purpose for being there. So, as I continue my work in the manufacturing plant I will remain strong while I carry out the mission.

"Wherever Life Plants You Bloom With Grace"-Unknown

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