How to stay Positive?

After all the things I've been through in life, I still have a million reasons to smile. When I tell people about the things I been through, they wonder how do I keep it all together? Trust me, it isn't easy. Trying to stay positive is the hardest task. The day to day things of life can detour our mindset. I have been in manufacturing for seven plus years. The hours are crazy and the work is tough but it pays the bills. I have worked with people with different personalities and beliefs. Working in manufacturing taught me tolerance. The only way I was able to stay positive about life, is by understanding people differences. When you understand that people are different, and everyone level of maturity isn't always going to line up with yours, then things won't bother you as much. Working with rude people can make you want to lash out at them, but the best reaction is silence. Our words can make or break our spirit. When I react to negativity, I regret it.

You never want someone behavior to cause you to react because that's when they have true victory. I use to wonder why I allowed someone to cause me to get out of character. Though life is hard, I had to realize that I couldn't worry about things I couldn't control. I know that there are negative things in the news, but we can't control it. People are going to be people and without love in their hearts, they are never going to change. So, why worry about people that you can't change? In the end it only raise your blood pressure up, cause you to be mad, and ruin your day. It's okay to have an opinion about things but when we get ourselves all worked up, only person it effects is us. I chose positivity because smiling makes me feel good, and a lot of my friends tell me that smiling brightens their day. Our positivity can be an influence to others and our negativity can also influence others. How do you choose to influence ? The world is yours, and even if your world exists only at your job, you can change the atmosphere by choosing to be positive. No matter how small it might seem, a little positivity can make a big change.

How to stay positive?

-Start each day with a good mindset! When you wake up, get your body ready for the day. I wake up and pray for my day. I pray for my words and my reactions to people. I spend a few minutes with myself before I devote my time to my family. I read something positive, then I get up, and start my day.

-Learn how to talk to yourself. It might sound crazy but you have to learn how to comfort yourself. When your day isn't going well, little pep talks in the bathroom at work can help you keep going. I use to always look for people to vent to, but I realized that I needed to learn how to calm myself down because there's going to be times when there won't be anyone around to calm me down.

-Surround yourself with positivity. What we listen to and the people we talk to, can all affect our energy. If you are constantly around negative energy then you are going to eventually be a negative person. I have songs that I listen to that help me get through my day. My favorite song is "Fearless" by Jasmine Murray. This song pumps me up and get me going. I'm able to get through my day and not let anything bother me.

If you choose to be positive it's not going to be easy but when you work hard at it each day, it will be beneficial to your body, mind, and soul.

"Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results."-unknown

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