Sex Without Love Part 2

Sex without love can lead to consequences. Consequences include poverty, pregnancies, and education. I know these issue don't always happen, but they could happen. Poverty is when a person doesn't have enough funds that are needed to sustain the cost of living. When individuals decide to have sex, they might not realize, a baby could possibly be produced. I'm not speaking about mature adults that are established. I'm concerned with the teenagers that are in high school or college that are living at home or on campus with limited funds to support themselves. When a child is born it needs formula, clothing, a bed, and the list goes on. So for a teenager these things are going to be hard to obtain. According to the NCSL Two-thirds of young unmarried mothers are poor and around 25 percent go on welfare within three years of a child’s birth. I know that when a young lady likes a young man and she decides to have sex, she doesn't think that she might get pregnant. Having a child is a responsible decision, and even people establish say, that you can never be prepared when having a baby.

A baby changes your whole life. Students in school may have to quit, find a job, and a place to live, to support their baby. Single parents are becoming the norm, because people love sex, but don't want to deal with the consequences. Children are wonderful and I love my children dearly, but I believe it's important to have a stable relationship before you bring a child into this world. Why? Because it's not fair to a child to have to live with only one parent. We were made to be in relationships, and a child needs both parents, because each parent brings something to the relationship. The mother is the nurturer and the father is the protector. Mothers can teach the child something that the father can't and the father can also teach the child what the mother can't. I know some single mothers that are doing a great job by theirselves but they didn't say it was easy. They have to get the children to school, help with homework, cook, give baths, go to school events, and work, alone with the many other things, from children appointments, and so on. It's amazing how one thing can lead to so many variables. Life is hard, and even harder raising a child alone.

When trying to complete high school and college it will be more difficult when your baby has kept you up all night and you haven't studied for your exams. Yes, I believe you can graduate, but I also believe it will be hard, and you need a education for you can have a establish career. Professional jobs require you to have a high school diploma and some want you to have a college degree for employment. Only 38% of teen mothers who have a child before 18 have a high school diploma and less than 20% of teenage mothers earn a college degree by age 30. Since teen mothers are less likely to complete college their earning power would be a lot less compared to a person with a 4 year degree. I am so passionate about educating women and young girls on the consequences of sex because women are the ones left raising the child. Only 20% of the fathers of children born to teen mothers marry the mother. I get so tired of women and young girls only suffering from their misjudgments.

Sex without love is harmful and it can lead to broken people. Speaking from my experiences in relationships, I found sex should only be involved when you are in love. I didn't realize that I was making mistakes in my relationships before my husband, but when I met him I decided to wait and I was able to figure out if he was right one for me. I know sometimes the temptation to have sex will be there, but understanding sex will help you make the right choice. I believe we as women are more than our bodies have to offer, we are smart, talented, and hardworking and the list goes on. If we as women began to live our lives according to what God says about our worth, then there will be less broken relationships. God bless

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