Why women can't take a compliment?

Have you ever been given a compliment? I asked myself this after discussing with my husband, why women can't accept compliments? As a woman I wonder why I struggled with this? Often when I'm given compliments, I respond with "really?" The compliment is sometimes unbelievable, especially when I'm not looking my best. I read an article online written by Jenn Kim on Psychology Today about women and compliments. Kim states that women with high self-esteem may reject compliments to appear "modest" and "self-effacing." Women with low self-esteems have a hard time accepting compliments because they don't see the beauty that others see in them.

The reason why I struggle with accepting compliments, is because I don't want to appear as being conceited. I try not to appear overly confident, appearing overly confident makes people label you as being narcissistic. I know that we should not be concerned about other people opinions, but sometimes other people opinions can have an effect on us. Another reason women struggle with receiving compliments is due to the men from their past, that may have hurt them, and now they believe every men has a hidden agenda. I know that not every men has devious intentions, but women are often treated as if their bodies are the only asset they have.

The shows on the televisions are a refection of how men treat women. Reality television has taken over, and the ratings are high, exhibiting men exploiting women, cheating, and leaving them broken. Women cant take compliments because they are trying to protect themselves. Compliments are nice, they make you feel good about yourself, and it boost your self-esteem. Its okay to accept compliments, don't over analyze them. As women, we often overthink things for no reason. Practice complimenting yourself, so you can know how to react when you are given a compliment. Knowing your worth will affirm your value, and you do deserve compliments. Tell yourself you are beautiful, walk with confidence, without a concern for the judgements of the world, and own it. The world is your runway!

"For the LORD will be your confidence And will keep your foot from being caught."

Proverbs 3:26

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