Women Bashing

Updated: Apr 18

Bashing is defined in the Merriam-Webster as attacking physically or verbally. Today I won't be talking about the physical attacking because my main focus is on verbally attacking other women. Words are the most powerful things that we as human beings have and the way we chose to use our words could hurt or heal someone. Women bashing has been on my mind for quite a while and I believe we all have been guilty of saying something mean about someone. Women bashing is a very sensitive subject to me because for one, I am a woman , and two ,as a woman I already have a lot of things to deal. Women have the most things to deal with such as periods, pregnancies and pms and the list could go on. The three P's are the worst things to deal with because that's when we are more sensitive. Especially after having a baby. I felt like I was never going to get my body back to the way it was when I was younger.

Trying to lose the pregnancy weight made me feel insecure. As I've grown older and mature I feel uncomfortable when people talk about other women, especially people I'm close to. I go through a lot sometimes everyday depending on the week. I can recall days when I wake up and I try to feel pretty, and as a natural kinky hair African American some days my hair just don't want to act right. Then to add to my day , my period comes to visit ,so I feel so uncomfortable, and all I want to do is lay in sweats with a bonnet on while eating a bowl of ice cream. So why worry about what other women or even men have to say? Now let me be make it clear, I am not defined by other people opinions of me but it's safe to say that no human being likes to be verbally attacked.

I believe women are like a sisterhood and we need to stick together no matter what color we are. Why? Because we all know about the struggles that women have to go through and we know how painful it can be when someone says something about our flaws. Our flaws are already hard for us to accept and to have someone make fun of us makes matters worst. I use to wonder why women did that? I use to be friends with a girl that would talk bad about other girls to guys and I don't know if she did this to make herself look cool but it didn't make sense to me. She would often talk to me about her other friends, which made me question our friendship. If she was willing to bash her other friends, what made me different from them? We are no longer friends now because I realize I wasn't different from her other friends, she was talking bad about me to her other friends.

So the moral of the story is don't bash your friends or even other women. So many relationships have been ruined due to this. I have forgiven her and I do miss our friendship but there are better friends in this world that will respect me and treat me like a real friend should. Maybe you are a woman that has trouble with bashing women and your relationship with your friend was ruin due to this then I believe you can change. If anyone wants to change you have to decide to make that decision. So many relationships between women would be easy if we choose to stick together. I'm no saying there would never be any issues or disagreements between women but if we chose to be a better person there will be less broken friendships. So how do you decide to stop bashing people? By choosing to be a positive person. I decided I wanted to help people, which made me want to change myself, and show people that if you want to change, no matter your past, circumstances, or failures it might be hard but you can become the person you want to be.

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