Working with the opposite sex

Can men and women work together without developing an attraction? As I think about this question, I think about the moment when I started a new position at my company. I had just gotten married. I was younger, and temptation tried to creep into my relationship. Being a newlywed, I didn’t realize that men didn’t care if you were married. I thought, maybe since I’m married, I wouldn’t have to worry about someone trying to get to know me, in an intimate way, well I was wrong. Starting in a new area, being the only woman, made it difficult for me. Some of the men were very flirtatious, and I felt uncomfortable being around them.

I was now receiving this unwanted attention, and I wasn’t used to it. Temptation tried to creep in, but I didn’t allow it to. I had to realize that if I’m going continue to work in an area dominated by men, then I had to learn how to adapt to it. I began setting boundaries. If someone is attracted to, you must set boundaries, or they will continue to pursue you, until you put your foot down. I felt like I had to do something. I was going to eventually explode on someone because of the actions of another person. Men can be pushy. I work with men with all types of personalities, and opinions, and some are cocky. Men often believe that if they keep pursuing us, then we will eventually get tired, and give in. That might work for someone who isn’t committed to their relationship, but for me, it was annoying. So, the first tip is to set boundaries.

After you have set your boundaries, carry yourself in a respectable way. If you want men to respect you, then you must behave in a way that is respectable to yourself. I had asked myself “was I behaving in a way that was respectable to my marriage?” If you carry yourself professionally, you won’t ever have to explain your behavior. Yes, women and men can work together, without developing an attraction. Women we are more than what our bodies have to offer, and some men tend to overlook this. There are respectable men, there are disrespectful men, but if you set boundaries, and respect yourself, then you won’t have to worry about anything.

Tips on how to approach someone that is giving you unwanted attention!

· Talk to the person, explain to them how it makes you feel, when they say things about your body.

· If you feel like you can’t work around them, distance yourself from them, try not to have any contact with them, unless its work related.

· If they won’t stop harassing you, then talk to your manager because you should feel comfortable in your place of work.

I know that I was put in this position for a reason, God places us in places, to prepare us for something bigger. I have learned a lot since I started this position and I know God has a bigger plan instore for me, when I finish this season. Working with men is tough, but I can take on the challenge. Since I learned how to adapt, I can honestly say that I don’t mind working in an area dominated by men. Set your boundaries, respect yourself, and you will do well in any environment.

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