Clovers of Life

This past weekend was St. Patrick Day. There were clovers, lucky pots of gold, and different shades of green seen everywhere. From the advertisements on the television, to people dressed up, celebrating the Irish holiday dedicated to St. Patrick. People often believe that four leaf clovers are a sign of luck. The four leaves stand for faith, hope, love, and luck. When I think of these four things I think of the way they contribute to my life. Faith is what keeps me grounded. I know that I was created for a purpose and whatever the creator has destined for my life I seek that daily. I know there is a reason why I am here and though I can’t see or have all the answers I know that I will continue to do what I feel I was destined to be. The feeling I get when I am able to help others is conformation for why I am here.

Life is so much better when we help each other. Hope keeps me going. The things I have been through and have survived makes me hopeful because if I can conquer the things I have experienced in my past then I can tackle anything. Love has been helpful and sometimes it was hurtful. Love is something I have learned I have to give freely to all. You have to love and not worry about the what ifs of life. Everyone deserves love no matter how cruel they are. Like Martin Luther King Jr says “only love can drive out hate.” I know that there are some people that I loved and though they did not deserve my love, I gave it freely. When I walked away those types of relationships I didn’t feel bad for myself, I felt bad for them.

Everyone wants love but are afraid. If you live your life in fear then you don’t know what you could have been. Lastly luck, I feel so lucky to have people around me that genuinely love me. I told myself this year that I would not allow negativity to effect me. I won’t be angry for more then a few minutes and I will remove toxic people out of my life. I realized that luck doesn’t have to mean I have endless means of income. Luck is define differently by all. In life I count my blessings everyday. When I think of the many blessing that I have I feel lucky to be surrounded by people that uplift me and push me to do better. That comfort me when I’m down. That helps me when I need them the most. This the type of luck that out weighs the amount of money in the world. The four clovers signifies my reason for continuing to strive for greatness everyday. The things I been through, that made me cry, that made me smile, or made we feel like I couldn’t make it. I know that through faith, hope, love, and luck I can accomplish anything.

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