Get Your Life Back

I often take pride in my abilities to multitask. As a mom with three children, a husband, and a student working full time. I have to multitask to get everything done. I was cooking one day last week while completing my laundry at the same time and ended up burning the food. I was so disappointed because I knew I had to start over. Starting over is one of the most challenging things I have dealt with in life, not just in cooking but in relationships, careers, and a lot of other things. Starting over can be scary because you are uncertain of the risks and outcomes. When talking to a lot of people, I realized that I’m not the only one that has trouble with starting over. A lot of my colleagues who are older then me always push me to strive to keep going when I face challenges but they don’t want to take their own advice. They say that they are too old to start over.

This year I’ll be thirty and I feel like sometimes I’m too old to start over. Everyone has their opinions of what old is but no one is too old to start over. Life is challenging and though you might not be where you want to be at a certain age in time, you have to keep going. I wanted to buy a house for a long time and I finally bought my house last year. When I thought about this, I realize that it was meant for me to wait to buy my house. I was feeling pressured to buy because everyone around me was doing it so I felt like I needed to join the club. If I would have bought a house before last year I probably would be selling it by now. I have grown so much since my early ages and I am humble enough to say that I didn’t always make the best decisions with my money.

What I have learned from my mistakes, I choose to instill in others. This new year is the year that I vowed to not let my age become a deciding factor for the goals I want to accomplish in my life. There’s no age limit to going after what you want in life. The things you want to do and enjoy, you still have time to do them. I have started creating goals to travel more and do the things I enjoy. I been so busy these past eight years trying to secure my future, figuring out my purpose, improve myself, and now I know the direction I want my life to go. I can sit back and enjoy life. I’m not going to literally sit back but I don’t have to stress about what I want to do anymore. I have the patience that I didn’t have as a child and in due time everything I have been working tenaciously on will pay off. I finally have a grip on life and it feels good to be back on track. I was so lost in my duties at working at my job that I was neglecting my passions.

Don’t allow life to come in and sweep you away from yourself because losing yourself is sometimes hard to get back and some don’t always regain it. I understand why people say they are too old to start over, they are tired of being let down, or maybe they failed too many times and want to throw in the towel. You can’t throw in the towel because as long as you are alive each day you have a chance to start over. My mom used to tell me, don’t let the troubles of the day before carry on to the next day. When you wake up each day, start fresh, fresh in forgiving, fresh in letting go of anger and regret, fresh into striving to be better than your yesterday self. Life is a challenging and you can’t give up on it because it stills goes on even when we decide to give in. So as you go about your day, though life is challenging, remember you’re never to old to start over. As long as you have breathe and your lungs, you can complete any goal that you want. You can start over. Don’t allow your age to stop you from starting over. Get your life back! “Taking your life back is not just about deciding to defend yourself. It is about finding and removing roadblocks, sinkholes, and dead ends that have disconnected you from other people and stopped your journey from going forward together.” -Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop

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