The Race

I never thought I would be running a 5K. I remember my sister used to tell me that I should run one and mark it off my bucket list. I wasn't in shape at the time so I jokingly said that I didn't have it on my bucket list. My sister and her husband are in shape and they do a lot of physical fitness activities. I wasn't interested in fitness at that time in my life. I was so busy with life that I was neglecting the things I use to enjoy doing when I was a child. When I met my husband, I started taking care of myself. I wasn't over weight but my cardiovascular health wasn't in the best condition. I remember when I used to be out of breathe after walking up steps, and I felt so tired. I'm glad that I decided to get healthy and take care of my body because I feel so much better now. I enjoy working out and I encourage others because you get an amazing feeling after each workout.

During the workout you might be hurting but when you finished, you want more, at least thats how I feel. The 5K race has been on my mind for some time but I never signed up for a race because I didn't think my body had the capabilities of completing one. I'm not a distance runner. I'm a sprinter. I never really trained my body on how to run for a long period of time. After contemplating with myself for years I decided that it was time to complete a 5K. I saw a 5K mud run advertised on social media this year and I told myself this time I was going to sign up. I asked a few friends and family members to come but no one wanted to go. I didn't let that stop me from signing up. Last Saturday I completed the race. I was so pumped for the race on Monday.

I thought about what I was going to wear, what I was going to do to complete the race, whether I was going to compete or race in the novice category. So many things were going through my mind all week as I waited for Saturday to get here. Friday night I realized that I was really going to be completing a 5K for the first time and by myself. I was a little angry at first thought. I wanted my friends and family to be there to support me. The morning of the race I woke up still upset because I wanted just one person to go with me. I put my clothes on, ate a lite breakfast, and drove a hour away to the race. I had to leave my house at 6am and as I drove I begin to think. I listen to some positive music and talked to myself. I told myself that it wasn't my friends or family race, it was mine.

Sometimes we want others to do something with us but we have to learn to do things on our own. I guess this was the feeling my sister had when I told her I didn't want to do a 5K. At that time in my life the 5K wasn't for me and maybe it wasn't for the ones I invited. In that moment I realized I couldn't be upset with them. When I got there I signed in. I was nervous but I knew I couldn't back down. As I waiting for the race to begin I watched the other racers sign in. Some of the racers were in shape, which was intimidating to me. I knew that I had some competition. Since it was my first 5K I decided to race in the novice category. I didn't know what to expect from the race and I didn't know what my body was capable of doing. When the race started I kept telling myself that I could do it. I was out of breathe and I wanted to sit down but I kept telling myself to keep going.

There were ten challenges in the race. When I arrived at each challenge, I would give myself a 20-30 second rest before I started the challenge. I told myself to just get through until the next challenge then you can take a break. The race was challenging, I felt like giving up, I was tired, I wanted to cry, I felt like no one cared about me, and I felt like I couldn't do it. That's how life is. Life is like a race and you're completing it on your own. Your mom, dad, husband, wife, friends, and family members are only here for support. You are the one that has to face the obstacles that come your way. You are the one that feels the pain of bad days, rejection, stress, and defect. Only you know the suffering that your body been through that made you who you are today. When I finished the race, I smiled. I felt proud of myself. I was tired but I kept going and you can to. So as you go about your day keep running don't let obstacles stop you from achieving what has already been planned for your life. You have to keep going because the race is not finished yet.

“In the Race of Life don’t waste your energy and time trying to compare with others. Sometimes you are ahead. Sometimes behind. The race is long and in the end it’s only with your self” -unknown

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