Money can't buy happiness

Can money buy happiness? One of my colleges posted a question on Facebook asking how much money can buy happiness? People want money because they believe that it would buy happiness but when they get the money, the are still unhappy. I know some with a lot of money that are happy. I know some with little that are happy. Money doesn't make you happy. I have been working for my job for eight years and I have been in my position for two years. I often asked by managers, when am I'm going to put in for a management position? My husband wants me to and my friends are supportive of me putting in for the job. I know I will get more money with the position but I question myself, will this make me happy? In a management position I would be required to work more hours and work more days. I don't mind working hard but I know that in a management position at my job, I wouldn't be happy. I enjoy my freedom. I don't have to work as many days or hours. I'm only responsible for myself, plus working at my job is not my passion. My job is just a job. They say when you're doing something that you enjoy or that you are passionate about then it wouldn't feel like work. I know that I am not passionate about my job compared to a lot of other things. I do love my job and appreciate the income but it doesn't bring me happiness. It brings me a paycheck. I enjoy some of the people I work with and I have made some good friends. People tell me all the time how good I'm doing financially because I have a good position at my job with stable income.I've bought a house and a new car. These are the materialistic aspects of my life. Do they really know how hard it is to work a job that isn't your passion. When you work a job that takes more days from you then you spend with your family then is it really a good job? When I leave my house each day and kiss my children and husband, I'm reminded of the reason why I choose not to take a higher position at my job. I rather spend my extra hours with them, stress free, and enjoying my hobby on my days off. I know we all have to make a living but don't be so busy trying to make a living that you forget to make a life. We're told to secure our future with 401Ks, Pension plans, and IRAs, but they didn't tell us we had to work ourselves to death. We can secure our future and do things we enjoy even if it isn't alot of money. Theres a saying about chasing money, it says chase your passion and the money will come. When you do what you're passionate about you will be more likely to lose sleep over it versus losing sleep doing a job you least enjoy. When you are tied to a job with a schedule and no flexibility that only makes it miserable, there is no amount of money that can fix that. If you look deep down inside of you and ask yourself honesty what amount of money can make you happy, you'll have a hard time coming up with the number because people know that there isn't an amount of money that can make us happy. Yes money is need to provide for our lively hood but you will never be happy in a difficult situation. What I have learned in life is that you have to be happy with money and without. Our circumstances don't dictate our happiness. You have to be okay with the situation that you are in right now. I know that it might be difficult and you might think that money will fix the situation and some situations it will but you have to find happiness even when it feels like your life is falling apart.

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