What is a Rough Life?

I thought that I had reached the age to be officially accepted as an adult by my elders. Our elders like to make us feel bad for being young. They're always talking about how hard life was for them, compared to ours. I know that life was rough for them but it doesn't excuse the experiences that were rough in our lives. Someone told me that I didn't look like I had a rough life because I look younger than my age. I was puzzled by the remark. The person was a older male but only a couple years older than me, and he was convinced that his experiences were way harder than mine. We all age differently and our experiences in life can cause us to age but thats not the only thing that causes aging.There are multiple things that cause aging and experiences in life is only one of them. This person thought it was acceptable to compare their life experiences with me without knowing my story. The person made a judgement about me based on my appearance. I thought to myself, would I ever be taken serious? Life as a woman sometimes is hard. We have to act a certain way, look a certain way, and talk a certain way. Women have it rough just living. I know that it doesn't give us an excuse to exclude anyone else issues but I know that women have it worst compared to men. We are struggling to be accepted and treated equally. While struggling with equality we have to deal with our own issues. We have our insecurities, weight from puberty and pregnancies. Our body go through so much and thats just part of our story. This person just so happen to be a guy and I wanted to tell him that I did have a rough life and you don't know what I have been through but I chose to remain silent. In life sometimes we don't have to always defend ourselves. I always tell people that you don't ever have to argue with someone over something that you believe to be true. He did not know me well and I didn't know him either. It didn't matter how hard his life was compared to mine or how hard my life was compared to his. The only thing that mattered was that we both were conscious about our experiences. He knew his story and I knew mine. In life we often play the comparison game. We compare our cars, houses, jobs, children, spouses, and whatever we have, we compare. We don't do it intentionally but we all like to give our opinions and judgements about people. Whatever we go through in life means a lot to us. The rough experiences that happened to us might seem hard but another person might perceive it as being easy. Though the other person might think it was easy doesn't make it least important. We all react to things differently, thats what makes the world so unique. Our experiences matter and they should. Our experiences has shaped and molded us into the person that we are today. We have to learn to respect people story and learn from them. The next time someone says that they had a harder life than you its okay because you know your story. In life we all go through things. Its a journey, but we all keep pushing no matter how hard it gets. I have experienced some things in life that has made me happy and sometimes sad but I know that I was meant to experience this journey.

"Life is a journey that must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations." -Oliver Goldsmith

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