How to Live Without Regrets?

In life we often beat ourselves up about the choices we make. Sometimes we question our actions wishing we would have made a different decisions or reacted differently. We all do it trust me I use to. I then realized I couldn't keep beating myself up about the decisions I should have made. I remember giving someone advice about this very same thing. They told me that they wish they would have reacted a certain way but now it was too late. I told them that whats done is done, it is over, but they had to decide what will they do from this day forward. When I said this it made me think of all the times that I wish I would have done things differently or sooner. When I started this blog, it took a lot of courage. I was so concerned about who would judge me for expressing my feelings on real life issues. I been wanting to start a blog to help women and girls but I was too afraid. I let fear cause me to prolong doing something that I was passionate about and I regretted waiting so long. I am real hard on myself and when I do make a decision that I regret, its hard for me to bounce back. This wasn't healthy for my body and I knew that if I continued to regret the decisions I made, that I would only be hurting myself. I now know that I need to take chances and forget about the outcome because if we don't take chances how do we expect to see results? Fear is one reason why we don't do things because we are uncertain of the outcome but what if the outcome is actually a good one? I know a lot of people that are talented but they are afraid to take chances because they don't want to look like a failure. I to felt this way. No one wants to look like a failure but the best part about failing is learning from the experience. Living a life without regrets is true freedom. Why? When we live a life without regrets we won't ever have to question ourselves. We won't ever have to worry about the outcome because we decided to take a chance. I know that it will takes some time to learn how to live without regrets but its healthy for our bodies. When making decisions we have to realize that we are not going to always know the outcome. We can't predict what might happen from the decisions we make but if we decide to not do something we will spend our whole life wondering what if? I know that the decisions we made or didn't make in the past are gone but now we have a chance to start over. A new day is always a chance to start over and though you might not get it today, try again tomorrow. Don't give up on yourself and the goals you want to accomplish. I know that it is getting hard but I do believe that if you take a chance and do your best that you will complete any goal you want to attain. I'm not saying its going to be easy. I'm not saying it's going to be hard. You have to try or you will always live your life regretting that you didn't try.

11 Ways to Live Without Regrets

  1. Take chances. If you want something out of life you have to be willing to take chances. Whatever goals you have in life you can only accomplish them by taking chances. If you want to lose weight you have to exercise daily and eat the right foods to nourish your body. If you want to start a business you have make a business plan, research what you need, and get the money needed to pay for the business. Chances do come with risk but if you are passionate about it and you are good at what you do, you'll eventually succeed. You just have to believe in yourself.

  2. Be confident in your decisions. You have to trust your decisions and be okay with the outcome. We don't always know what will happen but when you make a decision be confident that the decision is the best option between all the ones you had to pick from.

  3. Spend time with people you love. I know its hard making time for friends and family when you have goals but life is short and we have to make time for the people we love. You might can't spend time with them everyday or even every week but schedule time with your love ones. I have to do this because I am so busy but anyone who loves you understands that you are busy and they will appreciate anytime you spend with them, even if its just going to get coffee.

  4. Learn to forgive. People are going to let us down and they might do it over and over again. We have to learn to forgive people because it makes us feel good inside. When we hold on to things were constantly reminded of them everyday which makes us get upset all over again about what someone else done to us.

  5. Don't be so hard on yourself. I am a perfectionist and I am hard on myself. I was trying so hard to not make a mistake that I made even more mistakes. I had to realize that I wasn't perfect and that I couldn't avoid making mistakes. I was living my life worried about my decisions that it was becoming obsessive and unhealthy. I now know that I am going to make mistakes and its fine because my mistakes doesn't define the person I am, I do.

  6. Appreciate your past. We can't help what happen to us but we can appreciate where we been. We have come a long way and its good to look back on our past and be thankful for surviving.

  7. Don't procrastinate. When we procrastinate we often regret that we could have done things sooner. When I have a paper assigned from school, I always start on it immediately. I don't like rushing and doing things at the last minute. The reason why is that it causes me to get frustrated and stressed out. The work isn't done correctly because I had to rush to get it done and it ruins my mood.

  8. Use your time wisely. We have 24 hours in a day to do whatever we want. Some work, go to school, have children, but we often have free time to get things done but we don't always utilize the time we have. I took a piece of paper and wrote down the time starting with 6:00am-11:00pm and I used a highlighter to shade in when I was busy then I looked at the times I wasn't busy. This showed me a visual picture of the time I had versus what I thought I didn't have. When we utilize our time correctly we are able to get more things done. We can also pencil in some free time for ourselves to read that book we always wanted to read. Look at that movie we been wanting to see because we thought we didn't have time for it.

  9. Make time for yourself. With a family, a husband, school, and a full-time job I still manage to make time for myself. It is beneficial for your whole health and everyone around you. Making time for yourself gives your body time to unwind and think without worrying about whats for dinner, what needs to be completed for school, or what your family needs. Make time for yourself and relax and don't think about what task need to be completed. Enjoy that moment to yourself. It doesn't cost money to make time for yourself. You can take a walk, go to a park, go to the mall and walk around. These are a few things you can do but there are plenty of other things to do that doesn't require money. I sometimes put on music and clean my house because no one bothers me when I clean my house. Cleaning and music helps me relax and I am able to clear my mind and not think about anything while I am doing it.

  10. It's okay to say no. Sometimes we often commit to things that we don't want to do and find ourselves regretting it. I use to say yes to everything because I felt like if I didn't I was a bad person. I had to realize that it was okay to say no and saying no doesn't make you a bad person. I would always tell myself that if I didn't say yes they would be upset with me but if I said yes I would be upset with myself. I rather be upset with myself then worry about someone being upset with me. Our time is valuable and if we find ourselves doing so much for others then we would never have time to do things for ourselves. Its okay to say no and don't put so much on your plate that you become overwhelmed.

  11. Always stand up for yourself. Standing up for yourself doesn't mean you have to curse someone out or be rude. Standing up for yourself is making sure that your feelings or needs are not being taken for granted. Every time I stood up for myself I felt good because I didn't allow someone to treat me less than I was worth. When I didn't stand up for myself I felt worthless. Stand up for yourself and don't let anyone take advantage of you. It's a cold world out there and sometimes it's not only people we don't know that are going to take advantage of us. It's family and friends. You have to set boundaries and speak up when someone is treating you bad. No one deserves to treat you badly unless you allow them to.

Living a life without regrets is the best decision I could ever make. I don't always make the best decisions and I am still learning everyday but when you live your life without regrets you won't ever have to wonder about what could have been.

“IN THE END… We only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have,and the decisions we waited too long to make.” -Lewis Carroll

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