Surviving the Rain

I was running late for work and I knew it was going to rain but I was willing to take the chance and go to work without my rain coat. I usually keep my umbrella in my book bag but for some reason I took it out. The weather has been crazy lately. It would rain then the sun would come out. Some days the rain would be real bad and some days it would be cloudy and sprinkle. The forecast was showing only a fifty percent chance of rain at the time I got off so I was willing to take a chance. I didn't think I would actually get caught in the rain. I usually chance it and get lucky but this time I wasn't so lucky. As I clocked out for work and headed to the door, I immediately noticed the rain coming down. It wasn't sprinkling, it was raining. I took a deep breathe and open the door and walked as fast as I could. As I walked to my car I thought how far I had to walk and how wet I was going to get. My hair, book bag, lunch bag, and clothes were going to be soaked. I thought about how squishy I would feel when I sat on my seats in my car. The walk seemed a lot farther then any other day. The rain seemed to make it harder. As I continued to walk to my car in the rain I realized that being wet from the rain was only temporary. I was going to eventually make it to my car. I was going to eventually get home and get out the wet clothes and dry my bags. It was only temporary but I knew I had to get through the rain to get to my car. We often think that things won't ever happen to us and when it does we don’t feel like we will ever make it out of the rain. We eventually do, but while were going thorough the rain, it seems hard. The rain keeps coming when we want it to stop. We get stressed and feel like giving up but we can make it through the rain, we just have to keep pushing through. Life is hard and when you are going through something its easier to give up then to keep going, but we have believe it will get better. In the moment it doesn’t seem that way but we have to keep going. There are plenty of times when I felt like giving up. Somedays I felt like crying. Somedays I cried. I don't know how many times I have told my husband that life is hard. Life is hard but though I felt like giving up I told myself that I would not be defeated. Don't let life win. You are the winner. Whatever you are going through today is only temporary. I know it might be hard but you have to learn how to smile to get through the pain.The pain doesn’t last forever. The situation is only temporary. You will not be defeated. You will make it out the rain.

"I've always heard that the reason you fall is to get back up and keep going. So when that happens, or life throws you bad breaks or curves or deals you the wrong hand, all I've ever known is to keep going."-Gary Rossington

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