Competing Against Myself

Everyone likes to win no matter how old we get. We all like to win. The older we get the more competitive we become. Growing up I always competed with the boys. I started competing with boys in elementary school. My gym teacher knew that I was faster than all the girls so she would always make me compete against the boys, and that became my competition. When I went to middle school and high school, I hung up the tom boy act and dressing up to be cool was my new competition. My senior year of high school I put the being cool attitude to the side to focus on my future, graduating from high school, and getting good grades to go to college became my next competition. Now as an adult, having a good career, being married with children, having a house, and being financially stable became the new competition.

Self development should be a part of our everyday life. Each day we should be striving to be better but sometimes we focus so much on being better than the next person that we tend to operate in a competitive mind state. I don't think we realize that we are doing it. Competing just comes naturally. People come to me for advice all the time and I enjoy helping them. They complain about not being financially stable, with a house, and married and they feel like they are getting old and time is passing them by. It is okay to want to be financially stable, be married, and buy a house, but we have to remember there isn't a timeline that says when this stuff has to be completed. Yes we all want to accomplish our goals but we often get discouraged when we see others around us, sometimes younger than us completing their goals a lot faster.

I use to feel so pressured about buying a house because though I have been working with my job for over seven years I was waiting on the right time to buy a house. People in my family would always ask my husband and I when were we going to buy a house? I felt pressured every year that we didn't buy a house because I knew that they were going to keep asking us until we got one. External forces can cause us to be pushed into making decisions when we aren't ready to make them. These external forces can come from pressure of a family member. The pressure can also come from watching people around us doing the things we wish we were doing. Theres nothing wrong with admiring someone for their achievements. These can be motivators to help us on our journey in life. Its not a competition, you are going to complete your goals, but when you're so focus on everyone else achievements you won't have time to focus on completing your own goals.

I have two boys and they are extremely competitive. They are always trying to one up each other. They brag when the other one is losing. Its a constant competition contest. They both play sports. One plays soccer and the other plays basketball. During the summer time they have been bored so I decided to let them do one of my workouts. The workout was only twenty minutes long, and it was composed of only body weight exercises. As they were completing each exercise they were so focused on watching each other mess up that they didn't realized their own faults. They were doing the exercises wrong. They were breathing so hard because they were out of breathe for trying to do more reps than each other. We had to keep stopping because they were so tired because they were not pacing theirselves. After a hour we finally got through the workout that was designed to be only twenty minutes.

If they weren't so busy worry about competing with each other then they would have been able to focus on breathing and getting the exercises right, but they couldn't. Life is not a competition. There are going to be people that you might think are doing way better than you are. Its okay. I know that I am not where I want to be in life but I am focusing on bettering myself so that I can get there. Life is like a race but you don't have to run fast, you can take your time. Pace yourself. There is no time limit on when you have to complete your goals. Work at your goals each day, and focus on yourself, this what’s going to move you closer to completing them. So as you go about your day remember life is about competing with yourself, you have to be better than your yesterday self and though you might see everyone around you achieving their goals, stay focused on the prize you're almost at the finish line.

A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms. – Zen Shin

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