Choose Your Words Carefully Part 2

In life I often wonder why is it so much easier for us as people to be mindful of our words when we talk to others versus when we talk to ourselves. We often call ourselves stupid when we make careless mistakes. We ridicule our self image every time we look in the mirror. We have called ourselves names that we would get upset if others dared to. When we use words to put ourselves down it diminishes our self-esteem. Our words are what makes us who we are. If you’re always calling yourself bad words then eventually you’ll subconsciously start believing it. Our words are power. They can hold us back from full-filling our purpose. When we put ourselves down it makes us less motivated to do anything. When no one else is available who will we be left with? Ourselves are who we will be left with. We are around ourselves every minute, hour, day, and year. We are our own motivators when nobody else is available. Imagine how far we would get in life if we constantly put ourselves down. Not very far. I try not to put myself down. It seem like common sense but most of us struggle with this. I use to be self-conscious about my body image and it was easy for me to put myself down. I would look in the mirror looking for flaws. I was always looking for compliments in others because I couln't make myself believe that I was actually beautiful. When I received compliments it helped my self-esteem. I didn't know why it was hard for me to get over putting myself down but once I over came being self-conscious I made it a habit to use words that would lift me up daily. When I caught myself saying something mean about myself I would quickly correct myself.

It is important to be mindful of the words we speak about ourselves because they can control our future. Our words can leave us in the past. We are not able to enjoy the future because we are so focus on not being the person we believe we suppose to be. Prettier, smarter, smaller, and a lot of other things. We were made the way we are for a reason. When we call ourselves names it actually hurts our love ones. When I was going through my period of being self-conscious I was hurting my husband, my mom, my children, and my family. They all love me for me but I couldn't see what they saw in me. Putting yourself down only brings you further down in the stumps. We don't feel any better after we do it. We actually feel worst. When I wake up each day I tell myself four things, you are beautiful, you are special, you are smart, and you are talented. I repeat this throughout my day when I feel like I need a boost of motivation. I know these might seem small but they helped me get over my insecurities. So remember today our words are powerful and we control our lives with the words we choose to speak over ourselves. You have to speak positive things about yourself and learn to love yourself, mistakes, and all. Now that I have learned to use my words to lift me up and not bring me down I can go through my day with my head held high because I know what I am worth.

"Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate, and to humble." -Yehuda Berg

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