Negative Thinking

Have you ever wondered why is it so much easier to be negative than positive? We think negative without putting any effort into it but when we try to think positive it seems impossible. I can recall a time when one of my colleagues was complaining at work. He asked me how was I able to smile at work? I told him I just choose to smile because it makes me feel better when I smile. It’s not easy but if I walk around frowning I feel like crap and it ruins my whole day. In life we are always looking for ways to make our life harder. We often complain or think negative about our situations but we never do anything about it. I use to think negative all the time. I couldn’t see that my negative thoughts were only making my circumstances seem worst. It’s okay to vent about a bad day or about someone making you upset but it’s not okay to stay a victim. I work in manufacturing. I work night shift. I’m up working while people with regular schedules are sleeping. I work at a company dominated by men. I deal with all types of people who are negative, have egos, and some are disrespectful. My work environment is already set up for a negative experience but I choose to tackle it with positivity. Is it easy? No. Is it worth my sanity?Yes. In life we don’t do things when we feel like it. We do things even if we don’t feel like it. It is so easy to be lead by our emotions when you find yourself in uncomfortable situations but you must remain in control. I had to teach myself how to be positive. If something upsets me at work I quickly evaluate the situation, vent, and then decide to move on. I got better at managing negativity each time I did this. I have relapsed a few times but I dust myself off and get back up. Life is a challenge and though I don’t know everyone story or situations that they facing in life I do know it’s better to think positive then negative. Thinking positive doesn’t mean you’ll never have a negative thought. Thinking positive will help you stay optimistic. When we think positive or negative we are not controlled by our thoughts. Our actions that follow our thoughts are what controls us. So remember today though life is hard don’t make it harder being negative. Whatever you might be going through or wherever you are in life is only temporary. Make the best of the seasons you go through in life. These are what’s going to help you grow and flourish into the most beautiful flower you were mean’t to be.

“Bloom where you are planted. Don’t let a weed tell you how to grow.”

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