Life Is An Adventure

This past weekend I took a trip to Miami Florida with my husband. Each year we try to take two mini vacations by ourselves. While we’re on vacation I always miss our children but I also enjoy getting away and being alone with my husband. It doesn’t matter if we are out of town or in town I enjoy every moment I get to spend with him. When I met my husband my life changed and I smile each day when I think about how lucky I am. While on vacation this past week I asked my husband if he wondered what his life would have been if he never met me? He said he’ll be traveling the world alone.

I thought to myself on how my life would be without him. When I became an adult I became more cautious. I wasn’t the daring child I use to be. My life without my husband would be spent reading books and living cautiously because he is what makes me feel brave when I am afraid. I probably never get on a plane. Thought I always dreamed of traveling more. When I met him he made me want to live. In life when you meet someone that makes you want to be better, live, and enjoy life, you hold on to them.

I was afraid of everything before I met my husband and I still get scared sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with being afraid but if you spend your whole life wishing and dreaming then you’ll wake up one day and wonder where the time has gone. This past weekend was amazing and I am so grateful that I have the ability to be able to take on the many adventures that the world has to offer. So today as you go about your day remember that life is an adventure. Don’t wait till you have enough money or until you meet someone that makes you want to live. You have to start living now. Don’t be so caught up in the day to day rituals that you forget how to live. “Jobs fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul.” – Jaime Lyn

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