Life is a Canvas

This past weekend I had a birthday party at Wine & Design in Greenville. I love art so I thought it would be fun to hang out with my friends and family and paint. The instructor guided us step by step on how to create the finished painting. After two hours we finally were finished. As I looked around I noticed everyone’s painting looked different than mine. The instructors painting was also different then the original painting. We all were given the same instructions but nobody painting looked the same. Isn't that how life is? We are all given blank canvases for our lives and we get to choose how we want it to be painted. Not everyones canvases is going to look like yours and yours is not going to look like nobody else's. We get to decide what we allow to stay on our canvas and what to cover up.

When I was younger I use to want my life to be like others. I would mimic the people I admired. I wanted to have everything they had. I wanted to be like them. I didn't realize that my canvas was for me to paint. My canvas needed to be unique. If my canvas looked like everyone else's then I would just blend in with the world. We were made to stand out and if you don't like the picture that you painted for your life then cover it up. We are all given a life to live and no matter what circumstances we are born into it doesn't defines who we will become.

If you are living in poverty, it is only temporary. Find a solution. If you don't like your job, then try to find another one. If you want to lose weight, then exercise. If you been hurt, move on from the past. Don't waste your time on your past by being unforgiving, holding on to hurt and pain from people who have done you wrong. What was done in the past cannot be erase it is time to focus on the picture you are painting for your future. Your life is your canvas. Nobody gets to decide how it will be painted. You are responsible for painting the image you want. Don't look at everyone else's painting because they have not been where you have been. So remember today your life is a blank canvas, only you can choose how it will be painted.

“Be The Leader, Author, & Star of Your Own Life Story!” -Naryza

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