What Are You Waiting For?

Sometimes in life we always ask why? Why didn’t I get the promotion? Why do I keep ending up in bad relationships. Why do I have bad luck? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves along with a lot of other ones. We want the answers and results right away but what will you do with them once you have them? In life I don’t believe the universe intends for us to have bad luck but it happens. Sometimes the things we go through in life can be due to our own poor judgments. When we repeat the same cycles in life it's because we are holding on to old habits. In life things happen for a reason. Everything in life is meant to go through a path before it can reach another path. Women and men dating always complain that they can’t find a good men or women but they are not even prepared to welcome a spouse in to their life. A good friend of mind told me once he starts dating someone he finds one thing wrong about the person and he instantly stops talking to the person. Another friend of mine told me that she enjoyed being single but wanted to get married but didn’t know if she was ready to share her space with someone else. They both are saying they want a relationship but their actions are saying differently. I can recall when I was dating. I had given up on relationships and I reached the point that I was happy being by myself. I focused all my energy on making myself happy and building myself up. I was a wreak after my last relationship and if anyone was going to sweep me off of my feet I knew I had some fixing to do within myself. I remember when I didn’t get a few positions at my job that I was fully qualified for. I even got a interview but I got denied for all three positions. At that moment in my life I was looking for change. I knew I wasn’t ready for those positions but I knew I was ready for something else. Deep down inside of me I knew I wasn’t going to get the positions no matter how qualified I was. My body wasn’t ready for them. Now that I have the position. I realized that it wasn’t meant for me to take the jobs when I previous applied for them. We all want things to happen for us instantly. Instantly establish a successful business. Instantly find a spouse. Instantly have children. We live in a instant era where everything is within our finger tips. Which makes us think our life will flow the same. It doesn’t. It flows the opposite. Everything takes time. You have to develop some patience while you are waiting. While you are waiting on things to work out in your life ask yourself are you ready for them to work out? What I mean by this is whatever you are waiting for when it gets here what will you do to keep it? How do you know you are ready? If you are not ready what can you do to get ready? How will it change your life? These are questions you should ask yourself while you wait. When I was waiting on my spouse I spent time loving myself and getting over my past relationship, removing the baggage so I wouldn’t carry it into my next relationship. I knew what I wanted from my next relationship and what I was going to do to keep it. When I didn’t get the previous positions at work I started developing myself professionally. I started acting as if I had the positions I wanted. I knew if I wanted these things in my life I had to make sure I was prepared for them. So remember whatever you want out of life you have to be ready to welcome it in to your life. If you are ready to love you have to be willing to love unconditionally. If you want a promotion at your job what are you doing to prepare for the promotion? Whatever you want in life you have to make sure that you are prepared to take the necessary steps to keep it. “Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting.” -Joyce Meyer“

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