Learning From a Pre-Schooler

My daughter is so smart. She reminds me of myself sometimes. She uses the correct terminology for everything and she doesn’t have a problem with correcting someone who doesn’t. I can recall calling her leggings pants. She quickly said "No Mom they are called leggings." She was right they are not pants they are leggings. Yes, they are in the same category as bottoms but they are two different things. It’s amazing how smart she is and how she understands the true meaning of everything. I listen to my children because though they are younger than me they have taught me numerous lessons. Last week my daughter taught me something. We were in the grocery store buying tissue and paper towels. When I buy tissue and paper towels I always read the labels to make sure I get the one with the most sheets. After looking over every label and comparing the prices with the length size, I finally thought I made a decision. When I waked to the end of the aisle I noticed a brand of tissue on sale and this one it had more sheets than the one I chose. I picked that one up and placed the one in my hand in its place. As I did this I didn't realized my daughter was watching me. My daughter says "Mom that doesn’t belong there." She was right. I always remind my children to put things back where they got them from and don’t be like the other lazy customers in the stores. The customers that put products back in random places all over stores to make it harder for the employees and here I was behaving like a lazy customer. So, I immediately pick the tissue back up and took it back to the shelf it belonged on. I was amazed by my daughter because though she is only four she taught me something. Sometimes as a mom I feel like my words go unheard because I'm always repeating myself to my children. This was affirmation that they do listen. So remember today In life you have to be willing to accept correction even if it’s from a four year old. Sometimes we as people believe that we can only learn from the wise or the successful but that’s not always true. My daughter and my sons have taught me a lot. They taught me how to forgive because even when I make mistakes they always forgive me. They taught me to laugh more because sometimes adults take life too serious. They remind me of the lessons I teach them because I have to remember to practice what I teach. So as you go about your day, be willing to accept advice from people of all ages, you never know who you might learn something from.

"The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others."


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