Fear is Your Obstacle

Fear is the number one goal crusher. We get excited about our goals. We write them down and develop a plan on how we are going to complete them. We get started and when we are not completing our goals fast enough we develop fear. Fear starts whispering in our ears and discourages us. Fear tells us that we can’t do that. You won’t never be successful. You won’t never lose that weight. You can’t live a healthy lifestyle. You can’t give up that addiction. You’ll never get married. Nobody wants you.

These thoughts from fear intervenes and leads us to believe they are true. You start questioning yourself with every struggle you encounter. Fear becomes confirmation to why you haven’t completed them. We don’t know that it’s fear we just think its life telling us to try another goal. Our body is made to protect us and when we try to do something outside of the normal it naturally tells us to play it safe. It doesn’t want us to work hard. It wants us to take it easy. It’s hard trying to complete goals when you’re in a constant battle with yourself. We self-sabotage ourselves without even knowing it.

We use past life experiences to validate why it’s okay to play it safe but it’s not. If you continue to live your life playing it safe, then you’ll never do what you are passionate about. You’ll have so many regrets and, in the end, you’ll be hurting yourself. I used to struggle with this. I loved to play it safe. I didn’t think that’s what I was doing but my actions exhibit safe. I was so afraid of everything. I realized if I forced myself to do something when I was afraid the fear will go away. No matter how scared or nervous I was feeling on the inside it eventually went away. Fear is something that our body does to protect ourselves, but you must live fearlessly.

Whatever you think you are afraid of is only an allusion. I have watched multiple success stories and each person said they were afraid, but they didn’t let fear stop them from going forward. So, remember today to live fearlessly. Living fearlessly doesn’t eliminate the fear. Living fearlessly is deciding to keep going no matter how afraid you might be.

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” -George Addair

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