Imprisoned by Opinions

Sunday morning when I woke up I had three huge pimples on my face. They were there the night before but it seem like they grew overnight. My plans were to go to the park and workout then go to my sons soccer games. I thought about how many people I was going to come in contact with that were going to be looking at my face. I tried washing my face, using a pimple buster to bust the pimple, now they were red, and even more noticeable. I finally just gave up because no matter what I tried to do to the pimples it seem like they got worst. On my way to the park, I thought about how many times I worried about what others thought of me.

I am a true perfectionist and yes I’m working on it. I over analyze myself and everything and now I was worried about some pimples on my face. At that moment I realized that I was allowing my thoughts of other people opinions to dictate how I saw myself. I was the same with or without the pimples and it didn’t matter if I tried to cover them up, they still were there. We as people are always trying to change ourselves to make others comfortable but once we do that we are no longer ourselves. I’m always striving to have the cleanest house, the well behaved children, the perfect life, but life is not perfect.

We don’t get rewards for always having it together. We all know that no one in this world always has it together but we often forget that when it comes to ourselves. You are going to have some good and some bad days. Changing what makes us feel comfortable gives others control over our lives. You become a prisoner to people opinions when you’re constantly trying to look, act, dress, or talk a certain way. If the people you are friends with don’t like you when you’re being genuine than you should probably find some different friends. You lose your happiness when you’re constantly trying to make everyone happy. It’s draining trying to juggle everyone else feelings along with your own. I’m not asking you to not to listen to advice.

I’m asking you to distinguish between when you need advice and when you don’t. If you need advice than ask for advice but you have to be confident in how you choose to live your life. I was driving myself crazy trying to be this perfect person, changing the things I loved about myself to make others comfortable. I was so concerned if someone saw me breakdown than I would be labeled a fraud. I had to tell myself Sunday that it’s okay if others have opinions about me.

People opinions about me only mattered if I made it mattered. I love myself but I wasn’t loving myself by allowing other people to dictate how I saw myself. So remember today true freedom is when you decide to not allow other people opinions dictate how you choose to live your life. If you continue to allow other people opinions to dictate how you feel about yourself, you’ll remain imprisoned by their opinions.

“Care about people’s approval, and you will always be their prisoner.” – Lao Tzu

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