What Are You Waiting On ?

I realized I was waiting on someone else to come help me fix my problems. I was waiting on the lottery, the dedicated entries to sweepstakes, or my husband. Whichever came first was fine with me. I knew I needed to change my life and commit to my goals because they were my goals. If someone completed them for me do I still get the credit? No. I was excited about the thought of a fairy godmother granting me three wishes. I guess it was wishful thinking. Why do we as people sit around waiting? I do believe prayer is powerful but even the bible says, "faith without works is dead." I think we all get so caught up in being routine that if we try to add a goal or another task to the list it disrupts the process.

The true sacrifice is when you decide to commit to something you don't even believe you have time for. I believe in creating time because it’s just an illusion. When we want to have fun, we magically create time for it, but when it’s time to work on our ourselves we must figure out how to pencil it into our schedule. For you to be successful it’s going to involve doing things you don't like. Each day I am busy, but I always fit in reading or my audio book because I know these are the tools I need to help me grow. Everyone has an hour or 30 minutes to devote to themselves. When I take time to work on my goals, I remind myself that I'm creating the life I want to have, my current situation is only temporary.

There are so many people waiting. Waiting on miracles because they have given up on themselves. You might know someone like this or you might be guilty of doing this. If you are what are you waiting for? Is it fear stopping you? Being afraid is normal. What type of life do you want to live? Ask yourself this daily. Are you tired of working at a job you hate? Do something about it. Are you tired of being single? Start dating and if it doesn't work out don't give up. You will find your soul mate. Are you tired of being unhealthy? Join a gym, start working out, and eating right. Your situation will change once you decide to quit waiting. So, remember today, stop waiting. Your circumstances will never get better until you decide to make a change.

"Waiting for someone else to make you happy is the best way to stay sad" -unknown

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