Winning the Lottery

The person who won the lottery is probably the most happiest person in the world right now. Yes, I do believe money can’t buy you happiness but it’s a basic human need. It’s how we buy the things we need to survive like food and shelter. I play the lottery, but not often. I don’t put all my faith in winning but I often think about what I would do with the money. I have a plan for everything. My goals are written out clearly and I make a to do list everyday. Winning the lottery is definitely the easy way out, but who says the easy way isn’t always the good way. I read a lot of successful biographies and if you read my blog you might recall a time when I used them as examples. Some of the people I read about talk about how difficult it was for them to reach their goals.

Which leads me to question, does all success stories come from difficulties? I know there has been times when I was trying to attain a goal and I made it more challenging than it should’ve been. Like the times when I stressed before tests that I spent days preparing for. I also took forever to apply for a mortgage loan because I was afraid of being tied down to a house payment. We had all our debt paid off and I was still worried about being able to pay the mortgages. I was letting myself get in the way of our goals. I knew I could afford a house but for some reason I kept putting it off. I feel like that’s how life is. We let our fears, insecurities, and uncertainty get in the way of our success. We put things off until we finally feel confident in doing it.

We waste time and years because we have made up these stories in our head on why we are not successful. The reason why others are doing what they want to do is because they decided to stop making life hard for themselves. Life truly works for you when you eliminate laziness, excuses, and fear. These are some of the things that stops us from accomplishing our goals. We don’t feel like it. We’re too tired. We’re afraid of taking risk. These are only interfering with our goals.

People tell me all the time they’re too old or they don’t have the time or money. You’re never to old to have a new goal. Make time for what you love and do it with whatever money you have. You don’t need a lot to start but you have to start to have a lot. Just like going to work. If you don’t go to work you don’t get paid so why not treat your goals the same way? Trust me I am guilty of giving excuses but I realized there’s not a good excuse when it comes to completing your goals. I had to stop comparing myself to other because I wasn’t as established as they were in life and I started focusing on myself.

In life it doesn’t matter if it was hard for someone else or if it was easy for them to become successful. Everyone that is striving to become successful all decided to do three things, which is, stop being lazy, eliminated excuses, and let go of fear. So to answer the question what I would do if I won the lottery, I would invest the money in doing what I already do now. Helping people. With the extra cash I can travel around the world helping more people. Winning the lottery would be nice, but while I wait on the lottery, I will be working toward building my business.

“Life is hard, but we make it much harder.” -Ryan Holiday

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