How to Get Rid of Dead Weight?

I decide to get a haircut last Friday. I needed one for a while but I had been avoiding the salon. Mainly because I was afraid of how it would look. I had a lot of bad salon experiences and since my sister lives in Florida now I haven’t been able to find someone who knows how to do my hair. I needed a haircut because my hair was breaking off in the middle from stress and manipulation. I get tired of my hair sometimes so I occasionally wear extensions when I need something new but I didn’t realized my hair doesn’t like extensions. My hair loves to be left alone. I was avoiding the salon because I knew that since my middle was so much shorter than the rest of my hair I would have to get a lot of hair cut off. More than I’m normally used to.

I was afraid of how I would look or if I would like it but I knew that the longer I waited I was doing more bad than good to my hair. So I decided to reach out to my friend who is a barber and she cut it all off. She left a little at the top but my back and sides are shaved low. After she finished cutting my hair I looked in the mirror and I loved it. I am not a daring person when it comes to my hair. I like to play it safe with hair color and styles so this was something totally outside of my norm but I liked it. I knew when I got home from the salon that my children were going to be shocked when they saw my haircut.

They loved it. My husband loved it and I received so many compliments at work. I was wasting a lot of time waiting until the right moment when I knew I needed a hair cut. I knew deep down inside that my hair wouldn’t grow healthy if I didn’t get rid of the damage. That’s how life is. We hold on to things that are causing more damage than good but we continue to hold on to it. I was holding on to my hair because I didn’t know how people were going to react when they seen my hair so short. I was afraid of being made fun of for doing something that was beneficial to me.

I had to realize when I make choices to better myself as a whole no one else opinions matter but mine. People are so afraid of making choices because they worry about what everyone else is going to say. Everyone else doesn’t have to live our lives, we have to. So as you go about your day get rid of dead weight. Anything that causing you not to grow, holding you back from fulfilling your purpose, goals, and dreams that you have for your life. You are responsible for how you want your life to go, don’t be concerned about what others may think about the choices you make for your life.

“Never dull your shine for somebody else.” ― Tyra Banks

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