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Are you constantly making the same mistakes in life? Have you made the same New Year resolution every year because you believe this time it’s really going to be the year you get your life on track. Sometimes in life we find ourselves repeating the same cycles. Sometimes these cycles are similar to the ones our parents made when we were growing up. Our environment plays a key role in how we are shaped and molded. It can effect us in a negative way. It can effect us in a positive way. No matter what our environment looked like when we were growing up or no matter how it looks now. You do not have to be a product of your environment. So what does it mean to be a product of your environment? According to “it means that the person you are is a direct result of how you grew up. The "environment" you were brought up in influenced the decisions you make now. Your environment makes you who you are.” I agree. Our environment makes us who we are. I can remember plenty of times when I made similar decisions as my mom. Growing up poor I didn’t want to be poor so though I was effected by poverty because that was the environment I grew up in. I chose not to allow it to define who it said I will become. I didn’t want to live in poverty and I told myself as a child I would not go through what my mom went through. This was something positive I took from the environment I grew up in. Our childhood is not the only environment that effects us. Everything from our past effects us also. Past relationships, our jobs, and friends are a few other things that can contribute to who we become. I can recall a time when some of the friends I was hanging out with were at the mall and I didn’t know they were at the mall to steal. While we were at the mall they got caught stealing and I was with them. Though I wasn’t stealing I was with them when they got caught. If I would have allowed them to influence me to make the decisions they made then I would have gotten band from the mall. They were trying to pressure me to steal but I decided I didn’t want to partake in it. When they got caught their pictures were taken. They were band from the mall and their parents had to come pick them up. Which was probably worst than being caught stealing. I realized that if I would have done the same thing as them than I would have suffered the same consequences. When I was dating. I was picking the same men. I didn’t really have a good father role model beside my brothers and though I had a stepfather for a long time I didn’t really look at him as my father. I though of my brothers as my father figures. When some of my sisters dated. I would watch the men they dated. They wouldn’t give the good men a chance but the ones that were mean and rude they always kept them around. When I started dating I made a lot of poor decisions in men and though they were my decisions I was effected by the environment that some of my sisters created. I don’t blame any of my decisions on none of my family members because ultimately the choices you make in life is up to you. I do know that I was slightly effected by their decisions. Though I made a lot of bad relationships decisions it helped me learn what I didn’t want in my life. So can you be effected by your environment. Yes. It’s up to you to choose to define who you. There’s nothing wrong with growing up in a environment that was not the best or if you are in an environment that you don’t feel comfortable in now. You can take what you been through or where you are now in life and learn from it. I want you to get out a piece of paper and think about your life right now. Wherever you are. If you can’t find a piece of paper use your phone. I want you to think about your life and everything you been through. Think about the decisions you are making and ask yourself are your decisions based on your environment? Are you where you want to be in life? or are you farther then you were before you started this new year? Now make a list of the things that you have experienced in life that has effected your decisions in life. After you are done writing them down. Decide today to no longer allow them to effect your life. I know its easier said then done but you have to move on if you love yourself. When you love yourself you won’t allow yourself to not live out your full potential in life. So remember today you don’t have to be a product of your environment. The things you experienced in life was meant to be experienced. Take everything negative you experienced in life and turn it into something good.

“Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.” -W. Clement Stone Decide today you will no longer be a product of your environment!

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