Last week was crazy. The semester is almost over and I am truly feeling it. I have less than one month left and though it doesn't seem like a lot I often wish it hurry up. My teachers have been assigning me multiple assignments and I often feel like I'm running out of days in a week. This past weekend I had a major project due on Sunday and on top of that my son had a soccer tournament. I knew I wasn't going to get any work completed or sleep this weekend due to the tournament but I was feeling uninspired last week. I would take out my project start writing and than stop. It was like I couldn't get in the groove. I don't know why I was not feeling operational management last week but my body was like no ma'am. I took my assignments to work and I would work on my math and my business communication work but I just couldn't find the urge to work on operational management. I knew the analysis was over ten pages long but I let my feelings get in the way of me completing it.

Since I didn't work on my project during the week I stayed up all last night trying to write a paper, proofread the draft, and submit a final by 11:59 pm. I was really pushing it all because I didn't feel like it. Have you ever felt like you didn't feel like doing something? The experts say our body uses procrastination as a protection to ourselves. I don't know how in the world it was a protection it actually caused me more stress because I knew I had to do the assignment or I was going to risk getting a zero. Its ironic how we as people can find time to do something last minute to avoid suffering the consequences. I knew I had a busy weekend coming up but I still didn't allow that to motivate me to get my assignment done.

So what does it mean to not feel like it. When we don't feel like doing something its often because we are tired or the task doesn't spike our interest enough.

Do it any way! Yes I was tired and no I was not in the mood to complete an analysis on a business but in the end I was the only one suffering. Not only did I lose sleep, I caused unnecessary stress on my body. I always tell people life truly isn't hard we just make it hard for ourselves. I was making it hard on myself by procrastinating. We all do it sometimes but its not good to always procrastinate. This is one of the problems I often struggle with. I wait to the last minute and sometimes I end of with no minutes left. Procrastination isn't good because it allows your body to form bad habits.

No one always does things when they feel like it. We have to just do it because its beneficial to our life. Like the times when you don't feel like going to work but you know you have to eventually go if you want to get paid. The times when you don't feel like cooking but you have to get up and cook or drive to go get something to eat. Everything we want in life requires us to take action. Procrastination can effect our life by interfering with our goals. When you want to accomplish a goal there are going to be times when you don't feel like it. There's going to be times when you want to put it off until tomorrow but when tomorrow comes you put it off again. When you keep putting it off you eventually never do it. I found that when I said I would do something later I was less likely to do it, so I started doing things immediately. Sometimes I feel lazy but I do things anyway. There are days when I don't feel like going to the gym but when I get there and start working out, I feel better. We usually don't feel like doing something until we start doing it. We have to constantly let our bodies know we are in control. This past weekend was great but it would have been better if I prioritized my project. Did I have fun? Yes, but did I suffered in the end. Yes!

Procrastination is just a habit that we all have from time to time but you have to learn how to control this habit. If you have a goal and you know waking up earlier will help you reach your goal don't hit the snooze button when your alarm goes off. Don't let the procrastination habit cause you to not want to fulfill your purpose on earth. We often self sabotage ourselves because procrastination talks us into believing its okay if we are tired and want to wait to later to do something or its okay to give ourselves a break because we deserve it. Yes you deserve rest and breaks but when you are striving to become successful and achieve your goals it comes with sacrifices. Sacrifices might be losing sleep, missing out on fun, and there are going to be times when you don't feel like it but once you reach your goals you'll be satisfied that you did.

So remember today there's going to be days when you don't feel like doing something, do it anyway. We are in control of our bodies don't let your body control you. Anything you want in life comes with days when you won't feel like doing something but you have to keep going.

In life it's not what you want to do but what you must do to survive.

"Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder."-Mason Cooley

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