Everyone has a story

Someone called me inspirational Woman. They told me that they wish I would write a blog for men. I said my blog is for everyone. A lot of men think that what I write about is just for women but we all can learn something from each other. I started my blog in hopes to help women but I realized I needed to help everyone. Women are not the only ones that are effected by life, men are to. Men are often told to be tough, and be a men, but they do have feelings to. Everyone does, even people that do evil things to others have feelings to. People do things for attention and love because apart of them is missing something. Maybe they didn’t get enough attention as a child. Maybe they never had someone in their life that genuinely loved them. People don’t always know why they are acting a certain way but if they look deep inside of themselves, they’ll realize they are missing love. Everyone wants love regardless of how many anti love Facebook posts they put up. It’s part of who we are. We were made to connect and have relationships. Friendships and closeness. We were put on earth to work together as a team. There is so much division between races, genders, and politics, and all sorts of things. If we stripped our minds from thoughts about a persons beliefs ,race, sexual orientations, gender, interest, and whatever we can think of and just looked at them as a person, we’ll realize they are just like us. We all want love, acceptance, and happiness. When you live in a world that has distorted individuals belief systems. It creates divisions. Which is why people have bias opinions, are judgmental, or stereotype one another. I always treated everyone the same as a child and still as an adult. I treat everyone the same, no matter their beliefs, race, sexual preference, political opinions, or gender. My mom raised me that way. It wasn’t her just telling me, it was how she lived her life. She practiced what she preached. I know in life not everyone is going to do that. You’re going to have people treat you like crap but don’t do it in return. I believe in karma, like the old saying says “what goes around comes back around.” It eventually comes back on you, if you are doing evil things. So today I want you to remember to treat everyone with love and respect. Everyone has been through or going through something in their life right now and you never know who heart you might touch with your kindness. “The best part of life is not just surviving, but thriving with passion and compassion and humor and style and generosity and kindness.” -MAYA ANGELOU

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