How to Survive the rest of 2018?

Theres been several posts on Facebook by people saying 2018 was not a good year for them. They are ready for 2019 because they believe its going to be a better year for them. I stubbled upon a post by a young lady and she expressed herself by saying 2018 wasn’t her year. She then asked who could honestly say it was theres. I quickly responded with I had a great year. She didn’t know that though this year was tough in spite of it, it was a good year. I could complain about the trials and tribulations I been through but though I been through a lot this year, I’m still standing. That’s more than a lot of others. So many people are ready for the year to be over and I'm on the other hand want the year to slow down. I have seen and heard on the news and social media, death. Some people I known have passed away this year and it’s truly a blessing to just be alive.

Which means I still have a chance to work on my goals. I understand that things effect each one of us differently and though I might seem like this big tough person, things do get to me. I just don't believe in giving up. When you give up, its choosing to lose and I don’t like losing. I strive to be on top and if I give up I’m not only letting myself down, I’m letting down everyone that look up to me. I can’t be a motivational writer and speaker and not practice what I preach. I also know that people in other cities, states, or countries are going through something worst then me.

Like the people affected by the fires in California or the hurricanes in Florida, the earthquake in Canada or the poverty in counties across seas. I know it’s not good to compare but when it comes to being humble and thankful, I try to look at my situation and compare it to others.

This not only keeps me grounded but it also helps motivate me to keep my head up. In life no matter how you think your year is going it’s not over yet until you flat line. Don’t wait till 2019 there’s still time left in this year to get your life back on track. In life we focus on the days, weeks, months, and years. When we should strive to be in the present time. Leave the past where it’s at and focus on your life one day at a time. Planning ahead is good but it also add more stress because when you worry about the future too much it makes you want to give up a lot faster. A new year isn’t going to change your circumstances so learn to be happy where you are right now. If you don’t like how your life is going, do something to fix it.

A new year isn’t going to change what happened in 2018 because what happen to you in life happened and we can’t take it back. What’s done is done, now it’s time to figure out what you can do to move forward. So remember today to keep your faith and keep your head up. If you are going through something, the storm will eventually pass. While you’re in the storm, remain confident, and hopeful of what is coming your way. We all go through something and sometimes we might not know why but when it’s all done it’s the lesson after the storm that we remember. Life is a constant up and down battle but you have to keep your faith and always remain hopeful. Find joy in whatever and where ever you are in life even when everything around you looks like pain. “Today is a new day. Stop rehashing what happened to you yesterday.” -Shunda Jenkins

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