The Best Gift Money Can’t Buy

It’s Christmas Eve and everyone is rushing around for gifts for their love ones. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because I don’t have to work and I get to spend time with my love ones. My children and husband didn’t ask for much. Just a few present. They have so much already so I guess they decided to give my pockets a break. Though they didn’t ask for much I wanted to give them so much more.

I feel like that’s how we all do sometimes. When you love someone you just want to give them the world. You go out and buy all these things to show your love to them. They like the presents but the best present they can have is us. Since I work a lot I have realized that the most important thing I could give my family is time. When I take time out for each one of them and focus on just them, they enjoy that more than anything else. On one of my days off I decided to take time out for each of my children. Each one of them pick something differently.

Having three children can be challenging when it comes to spreading all the attention around and I realized that maybe they might want to do something with me, without their other siblings. So I spent time with each one of them. They had my full attention and I actually enjoyed it. It was so much easier focusing on one child instead of three. I learned a lot more about them and in the end we all were satisfied.

My oldest didn’t want anything for Christmas because he doesn’t like us spending money but there were a few things I knew he really wanted but just didn’t say, so I got them for him. I’m so excited to see his face when he opens them. I love giving gifts but I have to remind myself that gifts are not the only way to show how much you care about someone. It’s giving them time, listening, and being there not just physically but mentally. People appreciate that the most.

So as I reflect on what is the greatest gift I could give my family, I realize, it's myself. Giving them myself is what they really need. Their greatest memories will not be of the gifts I gave them. It will be of the times I was there for them, listening, making them feel special inside.

So remember today as you celebrate the holidays don’t forgot to give your love ones yourself. That’s truly what they are missing.

If you love someone, the greatest gift you can give them is your presence. Thich Nhat Hanh

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