Who is accountable for your life?

Being successful is hard work. Everyone wants to complete their goals but when it comes to putting in the work that’s when a lot of people start giving up. Every year I always make a new year resolution. I believe resolutions are important. It’s a time to reflect on your life and evaluate where you want to go next. I write down my goals and look over them each day and I encourage my whole family to do it with me. Goals are important. They don’t have to always be big. They can be small. Something simple as saying you are going to increase your daily water intake is a goal. See that was simple. I think what happens is when people start writing their goals they think big.

There’s nothing wrong with thinking big because I want you to achieve anything you set your mind to. The only problem is when we think big we get discouraged and that’s when we start doubting ourselves and give up. Big goals take more effort than small goals . If you start with your small goals first then you can work toward completing your big goals. The most popular goal in America is everyone wants to lose weight or get in shape. They pump themselves up and commit for a month then quit. Then they start making excuse for why they quit. They don’t have a workout partner or that they don’t have time. Get a personal trainer if you want a partner and gyms are now open 24 hours a day so time should never be an excuse.

People come to me for advice about fitness and nutrition. I workout and I strive to live a healthy lifestyle. People use to ask me when was I going to start a boot camp? So, I finally gave in. I started a boot camp. I texted everyone I could think of and I posted information about the boot camp on Facebook for a few weeks to see who was interested. I set a date but when the day came everyone had an excuse. Each week I held the boot camp there were more excuses. I took time out of my day, going to the park, every week, and no one showed up. I enjoyed the park but it taught me a lesson. People who really want to achieve their goals will and those who don’t will make excuses. Also by the way those same people are still asking me to workout.

People often want us to hold them accountable, trust me I do the same thing to my husband. Baby remind me to do this.

Don’t let me forget that. To my children, don’t let mommy forget to give you your field trip money. Like it’s their responsibility to remind me of my responsibilities. We hold people accountable so if we mess up, or forget, we’ll have someone to blame. So as you read this today I want you to ask yourself the question who is accountable for my life? The answer should always be yourself. Our goals, our failed relationships, our problems, are all our responsibility. For 2019 I want you to write a new year resolution. I want you to make this your year but it starts with taking accountability of your life.

“At the end of the day we are accountable to ourselves. Our success is a result of what we do.” -Catherine Pulsifer

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