Who is She?

"Who is She?"

Who is she

Light skin with natural hair, trying to be like Erykah Badu, you know them black girls with the attitudes

Who is she

She thinks she is all that, rejecting societies creamy crack, College degree now she not going back

Who is she

Corporate job in the city now, forgetting about her sistas and brothas

Who is she

Married white, she surrendered to her heritage black, she traded her black card in, she ain't coming back

Who is she

Speaking with eloquent grammar when conversing with others, now she think she is better than others

Who is she

She is light skin and she was born that way though she like Erykah Badu, she likes her natural hair to

She is educated because she wanted to better herself, graduated to make her single mother proud

She is hard working, humble, and involved in her community, she don't follow the crowd.

She is in love with her husband not because he was white.

She is in love with her husband because he treated her right.

She is very articulate, you can thank her mother.

Society stereotypes is the reason we can't love each other.

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