Concentrate on your life

Wednesday I wrote about focusing on your life. Part of focusing involves concentration. The trouble with focusing is our inability to concentrate. While I was at the gym this week I tried to listen to my audio books. The music playing in the gym seem louder than normal but I didn’t think it was something my headphones couldn’t block out. I started my workout and while I was working out I had trouble concentrating. The music in the gym was causing me to lose focus from what the author was saying in the audio book. I would block it out and then continue my workout listening to my audio book but I kept hearing the music.

No matter how hard I tried to concentrate I kept losing focus. Concentrating takes your complete mental focus. You can’t concentrate on two things at once because one thing will suffer. That’s why multitasking only works with simple routines not complex routines. People work effectively and efficient when they are able to work on one task at a time. I know we tell ourselves that we can multitask and get things done and some of us do. When multitasking we often take longer to do tasks and this also causes errors.

At work I can’t talk and type. When I’m trying to write a email or document something on my computer I can’t do it effectively if I’m on the phone. I have sent a lot of misspelled emails when I was trying to multitask. Another way I lose concentration is when I talk to one of my friends. I can be in the middle of editing something for my website or working on something important and I want to give her the attention that she needs and still concentrate on getting what I need to get done but sometimes I don’t remember our conversation because I’m more focused on the task I’m trying to complete and not her.

This is one of my struggles. I try to multitask because I believe time shouldn’t be wasted. So, I always try to utilize my time which can also be ineffective if I don’t use it correctly. So part of me working on my goals starts with me concentrating on one thing at a time. It might not be hard for you but it’s hard for me. I can be on speaker phone with my husband and sending a response email to one of my children’s coach. I tell myself if I don’t do it right now then I will forget but In actuality I won’t. I’m just use to multitasking that my mind doesn’t know how to concentrate on just one task at a time.

So part of completing your goals involves concentration. If you’re like me you probably have a list of goals and resolutions for 2019 and you want to complete all of them but it’s important to concentrate on one goal at a time. One you complete one then start on the next. Don’t get frustrated trying to multitask on too many complex task at once. When you work on one thing at a time it eliminates errors, saves you time, and money and it’s usually done right the first time. So as you go about your day remember to concentrate on your life. Each goal you have for 2019 requires your complete mental focus. “Good performance is about the capacity to focus and concentrate.”-Betty Buckley

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