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Part of accomplishing your goals means you have to get organize. A few weeks ago I had a vision party at my house and we made boards with our resolutions for 2019. My mother in law listed being more organized as one of her goals. Something so small but is important. As I write about organization I realize that I need to add that to my list of many resolutions. I have a lot of stuff in my house that I haven't looked at in months since we bought our house and we have been in the house for over a year now and I still have boxes I need to go through.

When you start thinking and writing you'll realize that you have a lot of things to work on in your life. That's why its so important to always focus on yourself. This helps you grow and you are less discouraged when you see others achieving their goals and resolutions before you because you're too busy working on yourself to notice anyone else's issues. I not a messy person but there are some things I want to get rid of because if the stuff is in boxes I obviously don't need it. Like my books from college that I haven't looked at since the semester has finished.

Organization is important in achieving your goals because it helps you stay on track. One of the ways that I stay organized in my household is that I have a dry erase board calendar in my kitchen with doctor appointments, holidays, practices, events at the children school, and special dates. This helps us keep our schedule organize. I have a visual of what I have to do each week before the week starts. This is helpful because if I am invited somewhere I always know if I can attend by checking my schedule. When something comes up I add it to the calendar. When the month is over I use the dry eraser and write out next month calendar. I also put notes in my phone and I write things down. Investing in sticky notes is probably of the best things I ever done. I can stick things on my water bottle or in the car. Just a little reminder to do this or that or simple things like smile today or make time for yourself. Simple words of encouragement to get me through my day.

When you start working on your goals staying organized will allow you to know the next steps to complete your goals. For example if your resolutions is to lose weight. You write down that you want to lose weight. You decide if you want to join a gym or workout at home. You call the gym or you find the workout videos online. You research the food you need to eat to help you lose weight. When you write things down that's part of staying organized. Writing things down is important because though our brains can remember a lot we are human and sometimes we can forget things. So when you write things down you are able to keep up with your goals and progress.

Staying organize is important when achieving your resolutions and goals because it helps you figure out how much time you have to devote to your goals. You look at your schedule and pencil in what time you have free to work on your goals. It takes sitting down and writing things out to make your whole life easier.

2019 is the beginning of a fresh start and when you start organizing you get rid of a lot of things that is cluttering your life. Taking up space. Each year signifies a new beginning so if you have some stuff in your life that you need to organized you have to take care of that before you can start trying to work on anything else.

So remember today being organize is important. It helps keep your life on track and teaches you how to balance your life so you can achieve your goals.

“Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.” -Barbara Hemphill

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