Are you taking your goals serious?

Everyone wants to be successful. Who doesn't? I know I do. Being successful doesn't mean you are a celebrity or an athlete. Success is defined differently by all. I believe success is a feeling. It’s when you are truly satisfied with where you are. Everything in your life will feel complete when you become successful. You'll have a feeling of satisfaction with your life and when you have it you will know.

One goal I have is to compete in a fitness show. When competing in a fitness or physique show you must make sure you look the part. Each year I complete a fast for the first three to four months of the year. I take sugar and sweets out of my diet. The reason why I take away sweets is because it’s my weakness. I do this to let my body know that I am in control not my cravings. Completing in a fitness show will not be easy. Since this will be my first show, I must do a lot of research and figure out what I need to eat to gain muscle and lose body fat. Since I am a vegan it's a lot harder to create a diet that doesn't include carbohydrates in it. Since that's the major filler for a vegan diet. Part of prepping and figuring out my body I decided to also remove processed foods from my diet. I have changed my diet and fitness routine a lot since I have been an adult. This is part of seeing what works and what doesn't for my body

The past few years since I have completed a fast. I have seen small results but not major changes like I expected. This year I want to push myself to see what my body is capable of. While completing the fast I also compete in a weight loss competition. I am a small person and though I don't have a lot of weight to lose. I do this as part of motivating me to stay in shape. Eliminating processed foods, sugar, and sweets and increasing my workouts to seven days a week instead of five is going to help me complete my goal of competing in a fitness show. I always tell people the same action equals the same results. I can't expect different results if I haven't changed my actions. Trust me I am struggling to fight these cravings from sweets because I love them, but I also love my goals better.

When I was looking through my papers last week getting more organized. I found my agenda from last year. I keep an agenda because it helps me keep track of important dates, bills, and miscellanies things I need to remember. I always write my goals for the year in the agenda and I check them at the beginning of the next year to see if I completed them. When I looked at my agenda from last year there were a lot of goals I wrote down that I didn't complete. I was serious when I wrote down the goals but somehow, I still didn't complete them all. I don't know if I got too busy or I just loss my passion. I know that I preach don't make excuses but sometimes when you don't look at your goals daily you tend to forget what you are striving for.

This year I decided that I am going to start taking my goals serious. I get tired of hearing others complain about their circumstance, but I also do it myself. I might not express it to people, but I really want some change in my life, and I know if I want to accomplish anything it’s going to start with me doing things differently than I am comfortable in doing. As you are reading this, I want you to reflect on your goals you made last year and write down the ones you didn't complete. If you completed them all I applaud you but if you didn't write down reasons why you believe you didn't. Do you still want to complete those goals? Or do you want to create different goals for this year? Part of taking your goals serious starts with reminding yourself of them daily. No one writes goals down and tell themselves that they are not going to take them serious it just happens and before you know it months goes by and you still haven't put effort into what you truly want to accomplish.

That's why it’s important to be organize, stay focus, and understand your vision for your life. This year I want you to join me in taking your goals serious. I want you to complete your goals and I want to complete mine, but you must decide to do something different. Changing is hard but if it's to better your life sometimes you must go through some changes to get results. So, as you go about your day, I want you to take your goals serious. You only live once, and you don't want to waste it on regrets. "It’s better to try and fail than to never know and always wonder."

So, ask yourself today are you taking your goals serious? If not start today. Don't worry about the time it takes or how old you are or what you look like or what type of degree you have. It’s your life. Stop allowing external factors to have control over your life because at the end of the day your happiness is all that truly matters. When you are doing something to make others happy, you'll never be happy. If you are doing something you love, you'll always be fulfilled.

2019 will be your year just ask yourself how bad you want it.

How to start taking your goals serious?

· Just do it! Like the Nike slogan says. Whatever you want to do decide today that you are going to do it then get to work. Don't stop to you complete the goal then start on another goal.

· Write your goals down! Writing things down has been scientifically proven to help people remember things. Though they are our goals and it’s something we should remember and imbed in our brains but somehow, we forget. So, writing things down can help our brains remember those goals or tasks we need to do to complete.

· Once you write them down, look at them every day. Write them down on something small that you can carry with you everywhere you go so you can always look at them as a reminder of what you're striving for.

· Work on your goals weekly. Find time in your schedule to devote to your goals. If you want to see drastic changes in your life it’s going to take making time for your goals. The more time you devote to your goals the higher the chances you have in achieving your goals a lot quicker.

“Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.” ― Roy T. Bennett,

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