Slow Down

Moving fast doesn’t signify progress. Sometimes in life you must take things slow. I know I write about working on your goals. I preach on hard work but that has nothing by to do with speed. The tortoise and the hare were both completing the same race. The tortoise decided to take its time. The hare didn’t. In the end the tortoise proved that speed doesn’t always get the job done.

Two major things that happens when you try to rush. You make mistakes and you prolong the process. I always wanted to own a home. It was one of my goals. When my husband and I were approved we got excited. I used to fantasize about how my house would look. How many bed rooms it would have, the colors, etcetera, etcetera. I begin rushing to find my perfect house and I loss some money while I was doing this.

We visited builders, subdivisions, builders again, subdivision after subdivision. We looked at potential land sites. We were approved for two loans a construction loan and a mortgage loan. Eight months later we finally found the one. It was not a new house. It was a house that was the total opposite of what I envisioned but I loved it. It was only a year old and it was in our children school district. We lost two deposits from contracts we backed out of. The money didn’t matter though. I wanted something that made me feel like home. We did learn a valuable lesson though. That lesson is to slow down.

The reason why I say slow down when you trying to complete your goals is because when you’re excited about your goals we sometimes want them to happen immediately. You end up making a lot of wrong choice which eventually adds time to you completing your goal.

Whatever goals you have in life just work toward them every day. Take your time. Slow down. The tortoise demonstrates that speed doesn’t always get the job done. So, remember today movement doesn’t signify progress. There’s a lot of people moving but still standing in the same spot.

“Never confuse movement with progress. Because you can run in place and not get anywhere.” Denzel Washington

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